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Fast Food and Cultural Imperialism Essay Example

Fast Food and Cultural Imperialism Essay

Cultural imperialism is the process of promoting the culture or language of one country into another country (<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_imperialism>).  The United States is an ethnocentric country.  Throughout history, the American people have tried to impose their culture, religion, values and beliefs on other nations.  The fast food industry is a major part of the culture of the United States.  As expected, the U.S – Fast Food and Cultural Imperialism Essay introduction. deliberately uses fast food as a tool to create cultural imperialism.

    The results of this action by the U.S. are both positive and negative.  The positive aspects are that placing fast food restaurants in other countries creates jobs for many people who may otherwise remain unemployed.  Also, when familiar fast food chains are located in countries all around the world, Americans and other western tourists have a sense of comfort in being able to eat familiar foods.

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     The negative aspects of this are that much of the food provided in the fast food restaurants is unhealthy (<http://www.Mcspotlight.org/media/pressevergrn_2jan98.html>).  As the United States places more of these restaurants in other countries, the people there begin to experience a decline in overall health as a result of consuming these foods.  Asians, people who are traditional thin, are becoming overweight and developing high blood pressure.  There is no doubt that daily consumption of fast food is not healthy.  Also, the U.S. is interfering with the culture of these other countries.  For example, many countries in Asia have traditional foods that they consume, such as rice, fish and seaweed, which promote good health.  Unfortunately, Asian parents are now having trouble getting their children to eat these traditional foods.  The younger generation is being influenced by the fast food commercials on television and insisting that their parents take them to McDonalds or some other western fast food restaurant.

     Almost every country has traditional foods and special ways of preparing these foods.  These valuable practices are being lost because the younger generation is losing interest in the time-consuming, traditional methods of preparing food.  They are looking for the quick and easy meals that are being provided by U.S. fast food restaurants.

Moreover, placing too many of the fast food restaurants in other countries could have a negative effect on the economy in those places.  For example, local family restaurants may be put out of business.

     I believe there are more negative aspects of the U.S. cultural imperialism than there are positive aspects.  Therefore, limits should be placed on fast food franchises.  There should be a limited number of U.S. fast food restaurants allowed to be established in each city in a foreign country.  Also, these franchises should have to contribute a certain percentage of the profits to the local economies of these countries.

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The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants Essay Example

The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

Today, fast food restaurants have appeared in large quantities all over the world – The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants Essay introduction. Many fast food companies all have business everywhere such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King. Variety of people, especially the youths, prefers to eat fast food than cook at home. Absolutely, fast food is convenient for people’s lives, and has become popular in the world. However, fast food is making the world unhealthy and impatient. The appearance of fast food restaurants represents the fast pace of the world’s lives.

As a part of a study of the influences of nourishing ingredients on eating selections launched by Rydell, Harnack, Oakes, Story, Jeffery, and French(2008), participators were required to explain why having meal at fast-food restaurants: ninety-two percent (92%) of the reasons were “fast food is quick” and eighty percent (80%) were “restaurants are easy to get to”. The Speedee Service System, a new system of food preparation which Wilson (2009) referred to, has made fast food restaurants become an industry chain all over the world.

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According to Wilson (2009), “the fast food phenomenon evolved from drive-in restaurants” and “generally used the short-order style of food preparation”. The first purpose of the appearance of the fast food restaurants is to service the drivers who want to have meal without leaving cars. Fast food restaurants are able to provide the rapid arrangement and cheaper food to reduce the cost of time and money, which is also the reason why fast food can become a large industry in a few years.

However, fast food is making the world unhealthier. Dr. Stanley Ulijaszek, a British nutritionist, revealed that fast food is the major reason for people became fat, because this kind of food is very high in fat and sugar. A study published in the Lancet Medical Journal found those who often ate fast food gained 10 pounds more than those who did so less often, and were more than twice as likely to develop an insulin disorder linked to diabetes.

Not only adults, there are also many children become overweight since these children eat so much fast food like hamburgers, French fries in the daily life. Fast food is making a bad impact on people’s health, but still quite a lot of people do not realize it. Also, under the influence of fast food, people are becoming more impatient. Gourlay(Gourlay,2010) claimed that fast food can make one desires immediate satisfaction and becomes more impatient.

According to Gourlay, Chen-Bo Zhong, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Toronto University in Canada, has made an experiment with his colleagues. Through the experiment, Zhong found that the volunteers’ speed of reading a 320-word text was faster after volunteers were shown the logos quickly including McDonald’s and KFC. In addition, after seeing the logos, the volunteers chose the instant gratification when were asked if prefer to a smaller sum of money instantly or a larger amount in a week.

This experiment has strongly shown fast food really make people in a hurry and impatient. The number of fast food restaurants is still increasing rapidly, people need to learn how to take the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of fast food in order to make the lives better. Meanwhile, fast food restaurants should improve the products and develop the ideas on promotions which can make less bad impact in people’s lives. Because, people have to admit that fast food industry has made a huge effect which could not be ignored in people’s lives.

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Wendy's Fast Food Essay Example

Wendy’s Fast Food Essay

Knowing and understanding the internal structure and culture of a particular corporation will allow the members to assess and strengthen the good, to make the inevitable weaknesses as strengths, to cut away the bad and to manufacture and encourage success among its members – Wendy’s Fast Food Essay introduction. Culture is significant factor to create identity that is unique from others, therefore allowing the business to be competitive enough in the market. Internal structure is also important for evaluation, initiative and organization.

Through internal effective leadership, organizational culture and structure will be protected. In order for the corporation to stay healthy and productive for the long term, there is a need to maintain a good culture and its maintenance depends on the leadership. Fast food chains and restaurants for example are known for minimal table service in limited menu, food is cooked in advance but kept hot, ready for package and order and ready to take away. This kind of culture and identity also made them widely known and supported.

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Fast food chains and restaurants have become powerful symbols for economic and cultural dominance especially in US. Many fast food chains however have been established due to the high level of demands. Though these fast food chains have almost identical in menus but they created their own culture and identity Wendy’s for example is an international chain of fast food restaurants and considered one of the largest hamburger fast food chain next to McDonald and Burger King.

Wendy’s menu is almost identical with other burger fast food market which made them struggle to achieve their own identity and “brand differentiation in the highly competitive fast food market”. In their menu you can see the usual hamburgers, French fries, chicken sandwiches and other beverages. Though the company doesn’t have signature sandwich just like McDonald and Burger King but their thick Frosty, a soft serve ice cream in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and their square burger patties made from fresh ground beef instead of frozen patties are what they are proud of.

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The popularity of Fast Food restaurants Essay Example

The popularity of Fast Food restaurants Essay

Why are fast food restaurants so popular? – The popularity of Fast Food restaurants Essay introduction?? That question in now very popular. Some people around the world still don’t understand why the fast food restaurants are still popular, despite the eventual inconveniences mentioned daily. I think that fast food restaurants are popular because of their availability, they avoid cooking, and because of their prices.

One of the causes of the popularity of fast food restaurants is their availability. Indeed, people can find fast food restaurants everywhere. Nowadays, those restaurants are built on the main streets, in business buildings and in the neighborhood in order to allow a quick access to their clients. For example, there is a fast food restaurant at North Lake College. Whether I like or not, it’s the nearest restaurant that I can find when I have a break. Therefore, I will obviously go there to grab something for not being hungry during the coming classes. Consequently, the availability is on the cause of the popularity of fast food restaurants.

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Another cause of the popularity of fast food restaurants is that they allow us not to cook. Indeed, some people may be very busy by their job, a project or a school program, which does not allow them enough time to cook. Therefore, they will be tempted by an easier choice, which is the fast food restaurant. Why? Simply because the fast food restaurants are faster than normal restaurants, so they allow people to spend more time on their job, or projects. In addition, some people do not know how to cook. Therefore, these restaurants are help for them. Furthermore, you can find different menus in these restaurants, which give a large choice of foods to the clients. Consequently, the fast food restaurants are popular because they allow people to avoid cooking.

A last cause of the popularity of fast food restaurants is the price. As you know, the fast food restaurants are the cheapest you can find. Not everybody has the opportunity, or the money to afford for a lunch in a restaurant. Therefore, people prefer to spend their money in fast foods. In addition, in order to save, some people are more tempted to buy fast foods than to eat in restaurants. Consequently, the price is another of the popularity of the fast food restaurants.

In conclusion, the fast food restaurants may be popular because of their availability, they avoid cooking, and because of their prices. Being available everywhere, allowing people to avoid some household tasks, and even allowing them to save money are some of the reasons that make the fast food restaurants very popular.

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Porters' Five Forces of Fast Food Industry Essay Example

Porters’ Five Forces of Fast Food Industry Essay

Food is a basic necessity – Porters’ Five Forces of Fast Food Industry Essay introduction. The industry which deals with preparing food items/products refers to the food service industry. The food service industry is and will always remain in high demand because of its genre. Restaurants and fast foods mainly contribute to the food service industry. “Fast food” generally refers to the type of restaurants that sell quick, inexpensive take-out food. During a relatively brief period of time, the fast food industry has helped to transform not only diet, but also landscape, economy, workforce, and popular culture. Like every other country, the food industry has flourished very well in Philippines.

Filipinos love to eat and that’s the reason why you will see a lot of restaurants and fast foods restaurants scattered in the cities. These restaurants and fast foods can be local or international food chains. Filipino food and chefs are considered one of the best in the world. It is hardly surprising that Filipino food is often labelled as somewhat strange (like the “balut” for example) but in its own way, its food is a unique mixture of eastern and western cuisines and reflects the history of Philippines. The Filipino food includes dishes and cooking procedures from China, Spain, Mexico, United States, and more recently from further abroad.

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However, what makes them Filipino is the history and society that introduced and adapted them; the people who turned them to their tastes and accepted them into their homes and restaurants, and specially the harmonizing culture that combined them into modern Filipino fare. Some of the popular fast food chains of Philippines are Jollibee, McDonald, KFC, Chowking, etc. and popular restaurants being Abe, Chelsea, Friday’s, Chili’s and a lot more. Attracting a huge crowd to restaurants or fast foods require more than just good food. Though important, good food is only a part of the total dining experience.

Equally important is believed to be the way people feel while in the restaurant. This physical and emotional response is a result of the atmosphere, the total environment to which customers are exposed. The proper atmosphere can make the food, service and whole dining experience seem better. For that reason a restaurant or a fast food must take care of the following to please its customers. This includes checking the cleanliness of the place and freshness of the food, guarded premises, parking area where people can park, ambiance and landscaping, building design, lighting, and even music.

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Critical Thinking of Fast Food Restaurant Essay Example

Critical Thinking of Fast Food Restaurant Essay

Fast food industry has a very long history and story, but does everyone know why they are so success to operate and have thousands of branch stores right now? – Critical Thinking of Fast Food Restaurant Essay introduction?? In this paper I would explain how fast food industry success, what makes them to be success and how they use competitive advantage to be success. Also discuss the pros and cons of speed and location strategy. I believe everyone know what is McDonald’s, which is a very famous fast food restaurant and expanded to almost every corner next to you. Why McDonald’s is so success? It is because they work very well with their competitive advantage.

As a fast food restaurant, very obvious that speed is very important and emphasized. Another that I want to talk about is location. Why speed and location are so important? Then you should ask people why they want to go to fast food restaurant. 8 out of 10 people said that they are in hurry and just have certain minutes for breakfast or lunch. Those people would be the target customers of the fast food restaurant, speed is use to attract busy people who want to finish their meal in a short amount of time. Although speed is very important, it doesn’t work very well without choose a suitable location.

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Opening a restaurant you should concern about your location, think about which location has more busy people. McDonald’s does it very well; you can see it in every corner not only in U. S. but around the world. Fast food restaurant can success mainly because of people’s lifestyle become busy and busier. Times to have a breakfast or lunch become less and less, some people even do not eat breakfast and the reason is no time at all. In my opinion, fast food restaurant succeed not only because they have good strategy but also related to public’s lifestyle.

If people are not busy, how many people would still go to there? After talking about the strategy, now start to discuss the pros and cons of them. Speed can be a good thing to the people that are very busy, but can be a bad thing to the people who don’t really care how fast the speed is. For example, the setting of a printer has slow, normal and fast, but what they mean is the quality level. Slow means high quality, normal means average and fast means poor quality. That is true, if you want to keep high speed, the quality level of the foods are going to be lower, just like the printer example.

Now talk about location, you may want to open a restaurant at an area that cloud of people, business area would be the best choice because there are many people and they all busy, but what will be the cost if I open a restaurant in a business or commercial district? The rent or the land should cost a lot more. When we start our business, there are so many things you need to concern about; I can say everything has pros and cons, no perfect idea in reality. You need to find out all pros and cons of every decision that you make, try to limit the negative impact as less as possible.

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Fast Food Industry Essay Example

Fast Food Industry Essay – Part 2

The term fast food relates to the food that can be prepared very quickly – Fast Food Industry Essay introduction. Most of this popular type of food is availed in packaged forms called take away. The fast food industry has its roots in the food for sale stand that were part and parcel of ancient roman and East Indian societies. The fast food industry also known as quick service restaurants, has been serving up tasty morsels for as long as who lives in cities.

The modern system of fast food franchising is believed to have started in the mid 1930’s when Howard Johnson on franchised his second location to a friend as a means to expand operations during the great depressions. As cars become commonplace the drive thru concept brought explosive growth to the idea of food-on-the-go. Fast food was added to the Merion websites dictionary in 1951 and U. S. fast food companies are now franchised in over 100 countries.. In the U. S. alone there are over 200000 restaurants locations.

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Revenue has grown from $6 billion in 1970 to $160 billion in last year and 8. % annualized rate. Fast food franchises focus on high volume low cost and high speed product, frequently food is preheated or precooked and served to go through many locations also offer seating for-on -sale consumption. There have been challenges for the fast food industry in recent years that have been pressuring profit margins. The industries as a whole proven robust enough to withstand these challenges through some players have done better than others. The global fast food manufacturers like MC D, KFC, and dominos, have already occupied a firm position in India.

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Case: Weymouth Steel Corporation Essay Example

Case: Weymouth Steel Corporation Essay

Weymouth Steel Corporation in September, 1990 is having a critical time in finding out the ways to communicate the bad and good news to its salaried employees – Case: Weymouth Steel Corporation Essay introduction. An erroneous selection of time and communication channel selection may demoralize the workforce completely resulting in a disaster for the company. The good news is that the company management has decided to increase the salary and benefits of almost all the salaried employees regardless of their grades while on the other hand the bad news (because of the long time slump in the steel industry), the management has decided to go for downsizing of the salaried workforce.

The chairman of the board Carl Weymouth and the management realized the sensitivity of the task, however, if the management is able to inspire its workforce with a new vision and hope for future success; this dilemma can easily work as a catalyst for company growth. But once the management will speak out the downsizing news to Is this Essay helpful? Join OPPapers to rea its employees, the challenge to reduce the arising stress will be higher.

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Therefore I will recommend the following strategy with time lag to communicate the good and bad news to employees and to curb the rumors in the media. But firstly the new changed vision of the company should be: Proposed Vision: “Weymouth steel corporation will endeavor to become a leading steel corporation, committed to excellence in product quality and continuous innovation to best satisfy our customers, where all people grow to their best potential in safe, positive and nurturing environment”.

The underline theme and its explanation are given in the exhibit 1. A vision is a crucial underpinning for change and management should repeat it again and again to get it absorbed by the employees. Recommended Communication Strategy: I believe that there should be multiple stage announcements of the bad and good news with the time lag, as if the management announced the good news and bad news…

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Nuclear Corporation of America Analysis Essay Example

Nuclear Corporation of America Analysis Essay

Nuclear Corporation of America was involved in the nuclear instrument and electronics business – Nuclear Corporation of America Analysis Essay introduction. In 1964, the company’s board of directors opted for new leadership due to suffering several money-losing years and facing bankruptcy. F. Kenneth Iverson was the new leader, president, and CEO of Nuclear Corporation. F. Kenneth decided that the best way to rebuild the company was to expand around its profitable South Carolina. Iverson was already the head of Vulcraft before adopting Nuclear Corporation. He had a vision that by joining Vulcraft and Nuclear together it would be great opportunities.

Iverson concluded that the best way was for Nucor to make a different path altogether with their successful Vulcraft subsidiary in the steel business. In 1972, Nucor Corporation was adopted as a steel import company. Nucor is a steel company based in North Carolina (headquarters). This company had become the seventh largest steel company in America. This company was very profitable and its revenue was out the roof. Nuclear became the leading steel manufacturer that offers steel bars, steel joints and girders, reinforcing bars, and steel decks that are made of scrap.

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Within several years Nucor had became the largest steelmaker in North America. Nucor has been the most successful American steel maker for more than 35 years. It has a unique company culture and is recognized as the technology leader in its field. In an industry that is heavily unionized, Nucor’s work force is non-union. By the end of 2007 the company had 20 plants in its steel mill segment, 32 in the steel products segment, and one reduced iron ore plant in Trinidad. The organizational structure is flat and decentralized with only four levels of management.

Despite its long track record of growth and financial success, Nucor’s business sank like a stone in the fourth quarter of 2008. Context The steel industry is often considered an indicator of economic process, because of the critical role played by steel. The U. S. steel industry is a $60 billion enterprise, with more than about 800 firms operation in a few states. The industry employs over 189,000 people nationwide. The industry of steel has invested more than $8 billion in the environmental controls as being the largest energy consumers in the manufacturing sector.

Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements that involves mainly carbon. Carbon and other elements act as a hardening that prevents dislocations in the iron from sliding past one another. Other elements that add to modify the steel and its characteristics are nickel, titanium, and manganese. Steel uses both energy to supply heath and power for its operation. Iron and steel are used in the construction of roads, railways, and other appliances and buildings. Variety of large structures as bridges airports and skyscrapers are supported by steel skeleton.

Steel skeleton is a steel frame with a variety of of vertical steel columns and horizontal I-beams, constructed in a rectangular grid to support the floors, roof and walls of a building which are all attached to the frame. The development of this technique made the construction of the skyscraper possible. But all these things and developments started from steel. Steel is a major component in the world. Today, the steel industry is vital to both economic competitiveness and national security. Steel is the backbone to most operations and items that we view and see on a daily.

The steel that is used today is high-strength steel that is lighter and more versatile to the world. Steel is one of the most common materials that have more than about 1. 3 billion tons produced annually. However, modern steel is generally identified by assorted organizations. External Analysis In the 1960 steel was produced in huge plants using capital-intensive basic oxygen blast furnace technology and open hearth furnace technology where steel was made from scratch. The advent of electric arc furnace technology spurred new start-up companies to enter the steel business.

Minimills were introduced to produce steel on a much smaller scale than integrated mill. Technology improved and by the 1980 minimills were able to compete in the market to produce even more steel. However, at one point in time minimills were only able to make low-end steel products using electric arc furnace technology at one point in time. Electric arc furnace technology begins to take over the steel industry. By 2005 electric technology produce an average of 33 percent of the world’s steel. Nucor was now at a good stage in their plants when a new technology was introduced called thin-slab casting technology.

This was another technology that was produced that many integrated producers begin to use in order to protect their profit margins and market shares. Thin-slab was developed by SMS of Germany that pioneered in the United States to Nucor because of the knowledge of usage to the plants. Competing successfully in the industry of steel simply means to be above and beyond. From 2003-2006 an average of 90 percent of the world’s population involved the use of casting technology. Conversely, open hearth technology was neglected and was only used in pans in Russia, India and majority Eastern European countries.

That major transformation from hearth technology to electric arc technology and the use of casting technology presented that hearth technology was no longer the best option in the United States when producing steel. Internal Analysis Nucor and its technology play a major part as one of the company strengths. After several years of testing Nucor introduced in 2005 a new technology at its Crawfordsville facilities, a process called Castrip. This was one of Nucor biggest and most recent success in pioneering its technology. The company’s minimill technology brought innovation to the product and to the company.

Minimill lowers production cost and pollution that made their price to the market substantially low. The use of these kinds of technology is their edge in the steel industry. These technologies have made the business grow because of developing innovation. Nucor was looking for other opportunities for global growth. This was the fourth component of Nucor’s strategy by jointing ventures and licensing new technology. Unfortunately, the company did not currently have any plans to build and operate outside the United States. The only company operated foreign plant was in Trinidad.

Location is considered Nucor’s weakness. The company only has 59 facilities in 17 states, but don’t have plants in different countries. With this limitation, completion becomes involved and all potential clients begin to look for other options to buy from other steel company closest to their location. Nucor’s vision was to continue to promote growth and be a technology leader. They were also promoting to be aggressive in constructing new plant capacity such as construction. The key vision was for Nucor to continue making capital investments to improve plant efficiency and to keep down the production at a low cost.

Nucor management believed that focusing on the introduction of technologies it would give Nucor a commanding market advantage. Nucor continues to carry their title as the industry’s innovator that starts a new trend. Financial Analysis Nucor has been doing very well in the past 5 years by developing the right strategy. This company is presented with new threats and opportunities. CEO Iverson of Nucor made a decision that could present an opportunity into the financial operation of Nucor to bring them out of bankruptcy. Nucor, which was a leader they wanted to enter a very good market. Year 2005 Current Ratio $4,071. /$1,255. 7=3. 24 Working Capital $4,071. 6-$1,255. 7=$2,815. 9 Year 2006 Current Ratio $4,675. 0/ $1,450. 0=3. 22 Working Capital $4,675. 0-$1,450. 0=$3,225 By year 2005 and 2006 there was a decrease in current ratio but a rise in working capital. Nucor financial summary shows that in year 2005 current assets were $4,071. 6 and liabilities of $1,255. 7 which showed an average current ratio of 3. 24 for 2005. Working Capital for that same year reflected a balance of $2,815. 9. In year 2006 current assets were $4,675. 0 which went up and liabilities of $1,450. 0 came out to an average 3. 22 which went down from 3. 24 in 2005.

Capital went up by a total $409. 10, reflected by the end of 2006 the working capital for Nucor was substantially higher. Business Strategy Nucor operates in a relatively mature market. Their productivity and cost efficiency through optimized operations help moderate their pricing. Nucor’s strategy is to acquire a source of raw material or integrate some new technology into their operations. The goal is to expand in higher value-added sheet markets. Nucor’s strategy to become competitive includes introduction of new steelmaking technology and seek growth through acquisitions and joint ventures to source one-third of its raw material equirements. The company is leaning toward acquiring new business that increases production capacity, participation in downstream steel projects, and provides resources of raw materials. The objective is to rise against costs of raw materials, reduce on imports, and better manage costs. Five Forces Analyses Suppliers of Raw Materials: Nucor started several small plants that were close to suppliers & customers, thereby reducing transportation costs. Also, the sites chosen had inexpensive electricity. Their policies resulted in them having steady supply of new employees which the supplier power was low.

Buyers: Nucor employed the latest technology & competitive prices, with imported steel available, the buyers had more options to choose from. Nucor’s customer service was that buyers were willing to pay for. Firms in other Industries: Minimill technology was a great invention. This technology was also for existing integrated steel makers which adapted to newer technology. Smaller businesses were discouraged into the market of the minimills. This helped Nucor as their point of view. Potential New Entrants: Nucor had a wide availability of substitutes such as aluminum, and plastics which was for the demand of steel.

The threat of others in the future was highly unattractive. Rivalry: Nucor always had the cost advantage & efficiency force with technology & innovation. It was a challenged for the steel makers which resulted in lowering of prices & lower margins. Nucor however was highly focused on its customers so its degree of rivalry was high. Current Situation Today Nucor is preparing for even more growth. Nucor expect to see full benefits of about $7 billion in investments made from 2007 through 2011. They invested more in 2013 and looking forward to 2013 to grown during the next cyclical peak in the economy.

Nucor is also planning to optimize and continuously improve existing operations and their teammates. Nucor plan to execute and grow their raw materials strategy. Expand through Greenfield growth and tax advantage of new technology and unique market niches. They want to seek international growth still through via joint ventures and grow through strategic acquisitions. Recommendation * Nucor should expand internationally, as talked about in this paper. Nucor should make joint ventures with suppliers to keep the cost down of the product as the book reflects that Nucor never fell through with the venture. A lot of scrap that is used is imported so it would be a good idea for Nucor to utilize that to reduce costs of making their products. * Identify more products and technology to advance Nucor as a business. * Discover alternative materials that can be used in Nucor plant to reduce the reliability n scrap metal. * To put in place job descriptions for employees. By doing this it will save Nucor fees and troubles if something arises in the workplace between the employee and the company’s job duties or injuries. Nucor didn’t use job descriptions because management believed job descriptions caused more problems than they solved.

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Answers to Questions About the Book Guns, Germs and Steel Essay Example

Answers to Questions About the Book Guns, Germs and Steel Essay

Throughout the book; Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond answers a very controversial question; why is it that European people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but the natives of New Guinea had little cargo of their own? – Answers to Questions About the Book Guns, Germs and Steel Essay introduction?? Societies prosper depending on the abundance of natural resources which are at their disposal. Therefore, It’s not because Europeans were smarter that they prospered but as a result of their natural resources. In Chapter 3, Jared Diamond uses an example of an ancient society to help us answer Yali’s question.

They Spanish and the Incas have distinct differences in the way their societies prospered as well as their way of everyday life. The Incas had a much larger population than the Spanish, but lacked a few technological advancements that the spanish had developed. Pizarro, leader of Spain, was able to conquer the Incas because of these advancements, along with a large military force. The Inca military consisted of men with little to no armor and they used wooden bats. The weak Inca Military was no match for the Spanish guns and artillery..

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The Spanish also carried diseases such as measles and smallpox which wiped out the Inca population due to their lack of medical knowledge and medicine. In the end, although the Incas had a larger population, the Spanish were able to defeat them with their knowledge of military and technology. Part 2: In Part 2 of the book, Diamond explains the the change in the various ways to obtain food,such as domesticating animals and plants. Some areas of the world that were less advanced than others still used the hunter/gathering method of acquiring food.

Other advanced societies used domestication of food and animals to make their land more fertile as well as gaining a higher rate of food production. Domesticating animals and plants had its positives including being able to choose which plants or animals you’d like to plant in your region, however, often times farmer societies experienced malnutrition from their unvaried diets. Hunter and gatherers didn’t have control of what food they ate because it was all nurtured from the environment they live in. Sometimes, the gatherers could even come across a poisonous plant and doom their nomadic village.

Contributing factors such as the environment, climate, and geographical limitations aided in domestication of plants and animals. In Chapter 11, Jared Diamond explains the relationship between domesticated animals and its connection to the evolution of germs. Animals are the cause of why humans have diseases. When humans started to domesticate animals, many germs evolved into more formidable diseases. Hunter gatherers were less likely to have diseases because they dealt with a small population of select animals.

Farmers who domesticated animals had a bigger problem with managing diseases because there were so many animals; and with more animals comes a higher chance for infection. however to prevent this from happening the human body develops an immunity to these diseases. Humans without these antibodies are susceptible to getting sick which is why foreigners bringing strange diseases into the new world had such a profound effect on the native population. In Chapter 12, Diamond discusses the evolution and spread of writing throughout the world.

Writing was crucial to a society for it to prosper so that they could write down records of animals and agricultural growth in an area. Later on in a more advanced society, writing served to record stories and to write down and depict laws. Over time, civilizations such as Mesopotamia, America, China and Egypt, created simple writing systems which changed over time into more complex, growing languages. Writing was spread through trade and cultural diffusion and aided ancient civilizations by allowing them to keep records. Chapter 13:

In Chapter 13, Diamond says, “…. invention is often the mother of necessity, rather than vice versa. ” He means here that an invention is usually invented just before a real use is found for it. He views that inventors just love inventing and don’t find a real use for their products until the invention has a breakthrough and critical use in society. An example of this would be Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph which was used to help blind and deaf people hear well. It later became used for playing musical records.

Personally, I agree with Diamond because an inventor will invent something without any thought for its needs and eventually will be used when a society finds a purpose for it, however, I also believe that there will also be invention when it is needed to aid society. Chapter 14: Diamond’s explanations for the development of governments and religions are based on “conflict between unrelated strangers”. When you have a small group of people relying off of different rates of domestic production, you have to keep the group to a minimum.

Because the clan is so small, you see no conflict between people because: a) everyone is related or b) everyone knows each other too well to make controversy. Because there is no conflict there is no need for control or political structure on a group. In a larger population of people, the food demand is greater as well as their society. When a large group of people don’t know each other and are not related, this leads to conflict within a group as well as potential to form a centralized government and political structure.

These large groups of people later grew into our first civilizations which needed trade, labor, and especially laws. Kleptocracies, complex governments, were formed to keep everyone sane and have some sort of unity within a group. Religions were developed to aid the government in keeping a cool, rational look on one belief system which everyone in the group followed and related to. Religion gave everyone something to relate to one another in a society as well as aiding the new government system.

In Chapter 15, Jared Diamond explains how Australia and New Guinea were colonized by Europeans. Europe was very advanced, far more advanced than the Oceanic natives living there. Australia was very dry with little fertile ground. The locals had no knowledge of domestication of plants or animals. Because of their limited development, the Europeans were able to sweep over and conquer all of what today is Oceana. Once it was conquered, both became a ground where domestication flourished. In Chapter 16, Diamond talks about how China’s role in East Asian history.

China was a very successful civilization and had developed a great many technological advancements. Some of these advancements benefitted travel such as the compass and chariot, while others like gunpowder served both the military and recreational activities. A major key advancement is a writing system which aided and their spoken language and government. Diffusion of ideas throughout different dynasties to Japan and Korea shows East Asia was influenced by China. In Chapter 18, Diamond asks, “Why did Europeans reach and conquer the lands of the Native Americans, instead of vice versa? First of all, there were many differences between Europe and the Americas which led to the European conquer. The Americas lost many animals in a mass extinction which left very few animals for the natives to live off of. Europeans had many animals to chose for domestications. Europeans were inventing the iron weapons and complex tools while the Native Americans lacked in these resources due to a lack of variety in the culture of their natives. Government and literacy were much more advanced in Europe due to practice and advanced tools.

With advanced navigation, animals, military technology, literacy, and government, the Europeans were easily able to conquer the Americas and wipe out their simple life style. Chapter 19: In chapter 19 of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Diamond discusses why Europeans conquered Africa instead of vice versa. According to Diamond, Europe was a stronger, more advanced civilization with many technologies, animals, plants, and a strong centralized government (as stated in Chapter 18). On the other hand, Africa had a small number of native crops as well as no domestication of animals.

The difficulty to acquire food in Africa was the main reason why they didn’t have production of anything (domesticated animals, plants, etc. ) Another part of Africa’s flaws would be its divided society with many different clans that had different beliefs, religious views, cultures, and languages. Europe had the exact opposite with one language and a strong, tight civilization. Again stated before, Europeans are not necessarily smarter than Africans but they acquired more tools and had a more intelligent society. Because of all the advancements of Europe, it was able to conquer Africa.