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Comparison of China and Japan market Essay Example

Comparison of China and Japan market Essay


Labor costs

Japan’s employers pay higher hourly labor costs, including wages and social security payments, at 21.9 euros per hour (2,400 yen) – Comparison of China and Japan market Essay introduction. But in China, there is an unbalanced labor cost between inland China and coastal area of China. China has a lower cost compare with Japan. For the company, choice central and western China to build factories can reduce labor costs. Marketing factors

China is the world’s most important CD, DVD players market. The growing wealth of the Chinese people has added Chinese purchasing power. China’s main import markets, in order of importance, are Japan (13.3%), European Union (11.7%), South Korea (10.9%), Taiwan (9.1%), and the United States (7.2%). Therefore, Japanese products are competitive products in China. But we also contend with other Japanese company like: Sony, Panasonic. Local Chinese companies are holding an important market share. Trade barriers

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China has a trade policy that makes it impossible to export to them under normal conditions. It is more profitable than exporting there because their import tariffs are superfluous. But foreign companies need to cooperate with a local Chinese company. So, we should find and cooperate with a competitive company. The Chinese government encourages new and high technology into China. So, in China the company may have a relatively good business and growth environment.



The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in China was worth 8230 billion US dollars in 2012. The GDP value of China represents 13.27 percent of the world economy. GDP in China is reported by the The World Bank Group. From 1960 until 2012, China GDP averaged 1102.1 USD Billion reaching an all time high of 8230.0 USD Billion in December of 2012 and a record low of 46.5 USD Billion in December of 1962. The gross domestic product (GDP) measures of

national income and output for a given country’s economy. The gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time. This page contains – China GDP – actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar and news


Wages in China increased to 46769 CNY in 2012 from 42452 CNY in 2011. Wages in China is reported by the Mohrss, China. From 1952 until 2012, China Wages averaged 6426.4 CNY reaching an all time high of 46769.0 CNY in December of 2012 and a record low of 445.0 CNY in December of 1952. In China, wages are benchmarked using the average salary.


Consumer Price Index (CPI) in China decreased to 102.60 Index Points in August of 2013 from 102.70 Index Points in July of 2013. Consumer Price Index (CPI) in China is reported by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. China Consumer Price Index (CPI) averaged 105.82 Index Points from 1986 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 128.40 Index Points in February of 1989 and a record low of 97.80 Index Points in April of 1999. In China, the Consumer Price Index or CPI measures changes in the prices paid by consumers for a basket of goods and services.


Terms Of Trade in China decreased to 98.59 Index Points in July of 2013 from 101.12 Index Points in June of 2013. Terms Of Trade in China is reported by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. China Terms Of Trade averaged 99.20 Index Points from 2005 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 118.33 Index Points in February of 2009 and a record low of 81.75 Index Points in February of 2010.


China is expected to record a Government Budget deficit equal to 1.50 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2012. Government Budget in China is reported by the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China. From 1988 until 2012, China Government Budget averaged -1.9 Percent of GDP reaching an all time high of 0.6 Percent of GDP in December of 2007 and a record low of -3.1 Percent of GDP in December of 1991. Government Budget is an itemized accounting of the payments received by government (taxes and other fees) and the payments made by government (purchases and transfer payments). A budget deficit occurs when an government spends more money than it takes in. The opposite of a budget deficit is a budget surplus.


Disposable Personal Income in China increased to 24565 CNY in 2012 from 21810 CNY in 2011. Disposable Personal Income in China is reported by the National Bureau of Statistics, China. From 1978 until 2012, China Disposable Income per Capita averaged 6249.3 CNY reaching an all time high of 24565.0 CNY in December of 2012 and a record low of 343.4 CNY in December of 1978.

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Popuarity of fast food outlets Essay Example

Popuarity of fast food outlets Essay

In recent years, there have been many studies conducted on fast food – Popuarity of fast food outlets Essay introduction. According to the results of these studies, fast food has become an indispensible part of human life and has become quite popular. There are numerous reasons for the popularity of fast food restaurants among which the two most important ones are that they are cheap and easily available.

To begin with, one of the most significant reasons why many people today opt for fast food restaurants is that fast food is cheap. That is to say, because the cost of the ingredients of fast food is low, the prices are also low . Therefore, as expected, people have more of a tendency to eat fast food. For instance, students have generally limited pocket money and they tend to spend their money carefully. Thus, this situation compels them to eat fast food because it is more affordable for them. Briefly, the cheapness of fast food is one of the leading causes of its popularity.

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Another important reason why fast food restaurants are so popular is that they are easy available. In other words, today fast food branches are very widespread and people can find them almost everywhere. People can eat food without searching for a restaurant for a long time and when they find it, they don’t have to wait for long. To illustrate, students have limited time between classes and they can easily get fast food such as toasts and hamburgers in a place close to their school. In short people do not need to spend much time eating thanks to fast food.

In conclusion, there are a myriad of reasons why fast food restaurants are very popular. We always focus on the neglect effects of eating in fast food restaurants but actually we need to examine the causes of its popularity. Two main reasons are that fast food is affordable and easily available. Nevertheless, people, especially children, should be well informed about negative effects of fast food.

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International strategy Essay Example

International strategy Essay

International strategy is important because business is a big factor that affects our world today – International strategy Essay introduction. Thus business among countries or nations is capable of strategy hence international strategy. With the development of each country and the fast changing of technology, companies are bound into promoting and/or developing strategies. These strategies are more than of a theory but rather a plan that a company develops and works into progress. Each company have their own goal, these goals are achieved by their strategy as a company thus promoting international strategy. In achieving their goal as a company, competition is part of it.

Competitiveness among different companies is of which develops their goal and maintaining a balance strategic ways. It is important for a company to maintain their goals and achieve it and to conquer the international market for a bigger profit and growth. In which these factors are applied thoroughly as to increase their competencies as a whole and to consistently provide what their customers needs. International strategy thus implies to all businesses and helps into the diversity of a company. On the other domestic planning involves the function of managers and the staff utilizing different plans in accordance to which a company is concern.

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Both international and domestic planning involves strategy but international strategy’s scope is wider than domestic planning. However, both are in formulation to achieve a goal for competitiveness and consistency in the challenge of growth in company’s profits and their capacity for changes and/or compete with a different strategy with their competitors. Strategic planning is important both internationally and domestically because of its effect and result and as to achieve a goal that will provide improvement and satisfaction.

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McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s Essay Example

McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s Essay

In a world that is full of low fat low-carbohydrate diets and compulsive daily exercise, people seem to be more conscientious with their choices of foods they consume; but the twenty- first century demands convenience where fast food restaurants incorporates ones needs for quick, easy, and , inexpensive food – McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s Essay introduction. Sadly, the majority of this type of food can be a very unhealthy food choice. Fast food restaurants typically offer high fat processed foods.

In defense to this stereotype, two of the most popular fast food restaurants, Wendy’s and McDonald’s, are now offering choices low in carbohydrates and saturated fats on their menu without taking away the convenience and taste. Both of these restaurants fall under the category of fast food, yet they both carry distinctive quality in their healthy menu items, Although the difference in characteristics of their healthy choices, both Wendy’s and McDonald’s offer a variety of salads their healthy food menu.

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Perhaps the most extraordinary development with these two restaurants was when they introduced healthier hamburger alternatives to their menu. Wendy’s only has one healthy sandwich on their menu, the Ultimate Chicken Grill that contains only six grams of fat even when with all awesome toppings. Although Wendy’s only offers the ultimate grill chicken as their healthy menu sandwich, this particular item at Wendy’s has always been on top when comes down to a different variety of healthy meals. Their small chili only contains five grams of fat, is one of the most favorite healthy items they offer.

Furthermore, their baked potato, without adding a ton of fatty toppings, is a great alternative to satisfy ones healthy appetite. For example, a baked potato with chives and sour cream has only five grams of fat; whereas, the hot-stuffed baked potato with cheddar cheese and bacon has a high twenty-five grams of fat. Wendy’s has had selective healthy choices for some time, so if you were someone who wanted healthier food but didn’t have time to make it, one could successfully do so at Wendy’s. McDonald’s, on the other hand, just recently began to offer healthy menu items.

Today, McDonald’s offers a large variety of healthy menu items such as the fruit yogurt parfait that is made with all natural ingredients and only has two grams of fat. At some of their locations, green apple slices are offered with the kid’s menu instead of fries. McDonald’s new change to the healthier food menu offers the McVeggie, Whole Wheat Chicken McGrill, and Chicken Fajitas, as the healthier sandwich choice, the healthier sandwich choices fat content range from four grams to seven grams.

This is incredibly lower than the Big Mac, which contains thirty three grams of fat or the Double Quarter Pounder that has a shocking forty-four grams of fat – which according to netrition. com is twenty grams more than a person’s daily intake of saturated fats should be. In addition to the healthier food choices at Wendy’s, the display of healthy food choices is better. Wendy’s salads seem to be larger and fresher with a lot more toppings appropriately sized. Wendy’s salads have a small interference, excess water at the bottom of the bowl.

This happens in the iceberg lettuce salads and it can dilute the salad dressing. This, however, is a very small problem compared to the issues with McDonald’s salads. McDonald’s, however, does not establish a great display of healthy food choices. McDonald’s salads lack in freshness. Their salads often look wilted and just thrown in the container. The chicken in the Caesar and Garden salad sliced but not but not cut into pieces, therefore, it makes it harder to consume so eating these salads can be difficult without a knife, In addition to that, even though the salads are free of water, there are very little toppings.

Overall McDonald’s salads are lacking in the visual appeal of freshness. It is very hard to ignore that Wendy’s variety of delicious salads have become one of the more popular meal choices. According to wendystimeline. com was the first major fast food restaurant to offer the salad as the main course. Wendy’s did offer side salads prior to that, but never as the main course and they didn’t offer as large of a variety as the “Garden Sensations” salads that are on their menu today.

Wendy’s offers four salads that range from three grams of fat to a whopping thirty grams, the more toppings the higher the fat grams. The quality and variety of Wendy’s salads has helped them to establish a very popular reputation for the fast food chain. In McDonald’s defense to the huge demand of Wendy’s salads, they too are offering their salads as the main course. At one time, in attempt to portray a healthy image, McDonald’s offered a “stepometer” with a salad order for a short time.

The fat grams of McDonald’s salads are very comparable to Wendy’s Garden Sensations. Good presentation, meal variety, and several salad choices, are all part of the evaluation a fast food chain. In today’s era one is searching for a fast and easy way to eat healthy, and with fast food chains like Wendy’s and McDonalds, is making the healthier choices much easier. Most marketing strategies is to use sex to sell their product, yet it seems the need to slim down is the marketing strategy Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, and many other fast food restaurants are using today.

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Fast Food Restaurants Do More Harm Than Good Essay Example

Fast Food Restaurants Do More Harm Than Good Essay

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen – Fast Food Restaurants Do More Harm Than Good Essay introduction. Today’s motion is fast food restaurants do more harm than good. As a definition, fast food restaurants mean restaurants that sell fast food, which can be prepared and served quickly by using preheated or precooked ingredients. The clash of today’s debate is whether the harm brought by fast food restaurants can outweigh the good. Our side strongly believes it can. Our side believes that fast food restaurants harm us in three aspects: physically, socially, and environmentally. I will now elaborate on the physical harm, whereas my second speaker will deal with the social and environmental harm.

As we may all know, most of the fast food is unhealthy. Burgers, French fries, fish and chips, etc are food that contains a lot of salt and fat. Take McDonald’s famous “Big Mac” as an example. According to US McDonald’s official documentation in 2011, the amount of sodium in a “Big Mac” is 1040 mg. However, the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada recommends an upper limit of 2300 mg of sodium intake per day, which means that one burger fills up half of the sodium quota for one whole day !

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Moreover, “Big Mac” contains 10g of saturated fats, which is 50 percent of the RDI. Our opponent may argue that only American fast food is unhealthy. Well, I’m sorry to say, that’s not the reality. According to Yoshinoya’s official nutrition information last year, one regular beef bowl contains 57 percent of sodium and 60 percent of saturated fats we need every day. It shocks you right? It really shocked me, as we always think that Japanese cuisines are a lot healthier. But that’s not the case. A regular beef bowl is worse than a “Big Mac”.

So what are these figures telling us? Many fast food restaurants are adding lots of seasoning so as to make their food tastier, more appealing but a lot unhealthier. What’s more, fast food such as burgers, French fries, chicken nuggets often comes in wrappers coated with perfluoroalkyls (PAC) to prevent grease from leaking through them. These have been proven to get into the human body. PAC changes to a more harmful form inside the human body and can cause numerous health problems such as infertility, thyroid disease and even cancer.

Sadly, fast food restaurants have been continuing to encourage people to eat their unhealthy food using different strategies such as promotions and advertisements. The staff serving at the counter always introduce new items to customers and encourage them to buy more than they really need. Some tactics also target different age groups, from the young to the old. I guess everybody knows McDonald’s Happy meal, which is bundled with toys targeting young children, and the famous 20 dollar meal which targets students, blue collars and the low-income group.

Those restaurants also hold campaigns which encourage customers to gather a whole collection of goods, such as Hello Kitty or Snoopy dolls, in an attempt to make people visit those fast food restaurants every day. The heavy promotion and the almost ubiquitous presence of the fast food restaurants really have the power to urge customers to turn to fast food frequently, manipulating the choices they make. Ladies and gentlemen, as we can see the far reaching harm of fast food, today’s motion must stand. Thank you.

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Fast Food and Cultural Imperialism Essay Example

Fast Food and Cultural Imperialism Essay

Cultural imperialism is the process of promoting the culture or language of one country into another country (<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_imperialism>).  The United States is an ethnocentric country.  Throughout history, the American people have tried to impose their culture, religion, values and beliefs on other nations.  The fast food industry is a major part of the culture of the United States.  As expected, the U.S – Fast Food and Cultural Imperialism Essay introduction. deliberately uses fast food as a tool to create cultural imperialism.

    The results of this action by the U.S. are both positive and negative.  The positive aspects are that placing fast food restaurants in other countries creates jobs for many people who may otherwise remain unemployed.  Also, when familiar fast food chains are located in countries all around the world, Americans and other western tourists have a sense of comfort in being able to eat familiar foods.

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     The negative aspects of this are that much of the food provided in the fast food restaurants is unhealthy (<http://www.Mcspotlight.org/media/pressevergrn_2jan98.html>).  As the United States places more of these restaurants in other countries, the people there begin to experience a decline in overall health as a result of consuming these foods.  Asians, people who are traditional thin, are becoming overweight and developing high blood pressure.  There is no doubt that daily consumption of fast food is not healthy.  Also, the U.S. is interfering with the culture of these other countries.  For example, many countries in Asia have traditional foods that they consume, such as rice, fish and seaweed, which promote good health.  Unfortunately, Asian parents are now having trouble getting their children to eat these traditional foods.  The younger generation is being influenced by the fast food commercials on television and insisting that their parents take them to McDonalds or some other western fast food restaurant.

     Almost every country has traditional foods and special ways of preparing these foods.  These valuable practices are being lost because the younger generation is losing interest in the time-consuming, traditional methods of preparing food.  They are looking for the quick and easy meals that are being provided by U.S. fast food restaurants.

Moreover, placing too many of the fast food restaurants in other countries could have a negative effect on the economy in those places.  For example, local family restaurants may be put out of business.

     I believe there are more negative aspects of the U.S. cultural imperialism than there are positive aspects.  Therefore, limits should be placed on fast food franchises.  There should be a limited number of U.S. fast food restaurants allowed to be established in each city in a foreign country.  Also, these franchises should have to contribute a certain percentage of the profits to the local economies of these countries.

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The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants Essay Example

The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

Today, fast food restaurants have appeared in large quantities all over the world – The Cause and Effect of Fast Food Restaurants Essay introduction. Many fast food companies all have business everywhere such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King. Variety of people, especially the youths, prefers to eat fast food than cook at home. Absolutely, fast food is convenient for people’s lives, and has become popular in the world. However, fast food is making the world unhealthy and impatient. The appearance of fast food restaurants represents the fast pace of the world’s lives.

As a part of a study of the influences of nourishing ingredients on eating selections launched by Rydell, Harnack, Oakes, Story, Jeffery, and French(2008), participators were required to explain why having meal at fast-food restaurants: ninety-two percent (92%) of the reasons were “fast food is quick” and eighty percent (80%) were “restaurants are easy to get to”. The Speedee Service System, a new system of food preparation which Wilson (2009) referred to, has made fast food restaurants become an industry chain all over the world.

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According to Wilson (2009), “the fast food phenomenon evolved from drive-in restaurants” and “generally used the short-order style of food preparation”. The first purpose of the appearance of the fast food restaurants is to service the drivers who want to have meal without leaving cars. Fast food restaurants are able to provide the rapid arrangement and cheaper food to reduce the cost of time and money, which is also the reason why fast food can become a large industry in a few years.

However, fast food is making the world unhealthier. Dr. Stanley Ulijaszek, a British nutritionist, revealed that fast food is the major reason for people became fat, because this kind of food is very high in fat and sugar. A study published in the Lancet Medical Journal found those who often ate fast food gained 10 pounds more than those who did so less often, and were more than twice as likely to develop an insulin disorder linked to diabetes.

Not only adults, there are also many children become overweight since these children eat so much fast food like hamburgers, French fries in the daily life. Fast food is making a bad impact on people’s health, but still quite a lot of people do not realize it. Also, under the influence of fast food, people are becoming more impatient. Gourlay(Gourlay,2010) claimed that fast food can make one desires immediate satisfaction and becomes more impatient.

According to Gourlay, Chen-Bo Zhong, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Toronto University in Canada, has made an experiment with his colleagues. Through the experiment, Zhong found that the volunteers’ speed of reading a 320-word text was faster after volunteers were shown the logos quickly including McDonald’s and KFC. In addition, after seeing the logos, the volunteers chose the instant gratification when were asked if prefer to a smaller sum of money instantly or a larger amount in a week.

This experiment has strongly shown fast food really make people in a hurry and impatient. The number of fast food restaurants is still increasing rapidly, people need to learn how to take the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of fast food in order to make the lives better. Meanwhile, fast food restaurants should improve the products and develop the ideas on promotions which can make less bad impact in people’s lives. Because, people have to admit that fast food industry has made a huge effect which could not be ignored in people’s lives.

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Wendy's Fast Food Essay Example

Wendy’s Fast Food Essay

Knowing and understanding the internal structure and culture of a particular corporation will allow the members to assess and strengthen the good, to make the inevitable weaknesses as strengths, to cut away the bad and to manufacture and encourage success among its members – Wendy’s Fast Food Essay introduction. Culture is significant factor to create identity that is unique from others, therefore allowing the business to be competitive enough in the market. Internal structure is also important for evaluation, initiative and organization.

Through internal effective leadership, organizational culture and structure will be protected. In order for the corporation to stay healthy and productive for the long term, there is a need to maintain a good culture and its maintenance depends on the leadership. Fast food chains and restaurants for example are known for minimal table service in limited menu, food is cooked in advance but kept hot, ready for package and order and ready to take away. This kind of culture and identity also made them widely known and supported.

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Fast food chains and restaurants have become powerful symbols for economic and cultural dominance especially in US. Many fast food chains however have been established due to the high level of demands. Though these fast food chains have almost identical in menus but they created their own culture and identity Wendy’s for example is an international chain of fast food restaurants and considered one of the largest hamburger fast food chain next to McDonald and Burger King.

Wendy’s menu is almost identical with other burger fast food market which made them struggle to achieve their own identity and “brand differentiation in the highly competitive fast food market”. In their menu you can see the usual hamburgers, French fries, chicken sandwiches and other beverages. Though the company doesn’t have signature sandwich just like McDonald and Burger King but their thick Frosty, a soft serve ice cream in vanilla and chocolate flavors, and their square burger patties made from fresh ground beef instead of frozen patties are what they are proud of.

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The popularity of Fast Food restaurants Essay Example

The popularity of Fast Food restaurants Essay

Why are fast food restaurants so popular? – The popularity of Fast Food restaurants Essay introduction?? That question in now very popular. Some people around the world still don’t understand why the fast food restaurants are still popular, despite the eventual inconveniences mentioned daily. I think that fast food restaurants are popular because of their availability, they avoid cooking, and because of their prices.

One of the causes of the popularity of fast food restaurants is their availability. Indeed, people can find fast food restaurants everywhere. Nowadays, those restaurants are built on the main streets, in business buildings and in the neighborhood in order to allow a quick access to their clients. For example, there is a fast food restaurant at North Lake College. Whether I like or not, it’s the nearest restaurant that I can find when I have a break. Therefore, I will obviously go there to grab something for not being hungry during the coming classes. Consequently, the availability is on the cause of the popularity of fast food restaurants.

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Another cause of the popularity of fast food restaurants is that they allow us not to cook. Indeed, some people may be very busy by their job, a project or a school program, which does not allow them enough time to cook. Therefore, they will be tempted by an easier choice, which is the fast food restaurant. Why? Simply because the fast food restaurants are faster than normal restaurants, so they allow people to spend more time on their job, or projects. In addition, some people do not know how to cook. Therefore, these restaurants are help for them. Furthermore, you can find different menus in these restaurants, which give a large choice of foods to the clients. Consequently, the fast food restaurants are popular because they allow people to avoid cooking.

A last cause of the popularity of fast food restaurants is the price. As you know, the fast food restaurants are the cheapest you can find. Not everybody has the opportunity, or the money to afford for a lunch in a restaurant. Therefore, people prefer to spend their money in fast foods. In addition, in order to save, some people are more tempted to buy fast foods than to eat in restaurants. Consequently, the price is another of the popularity of the fast food restaurants.

In conclusion, the fast food restaurants may be popular because of their availability, they avoid cooking, and because of their prices. Being available everywhere, allowing people to avoid some household tasks, and even allowing them to save money are some of the reasons that make the fast food restaurants very popular.

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Porters' Five Forces of Fast Food Industry Essay Example

Porters’ Five Forces of Fast Food Industry Essay

Food is a basic necessity – Porters’ Five Forces of Fast Food Industry Essay introduction. The industry which deals with preparing food items/products refers to the food service industry. The food service industry is and will always remain in high demand because of its genre. Restaurants and fast foods mainly contribute to the food service industry. “Fast food” generally refers to the type of restaurants that sell quick, inexpensive take-out food. During a relatively brief period of time, the fast food industry has helped to transform not only diet, but also landscape, economy, workforce, and popular culture. Like every other country, the food industry has flourished very well in Philippines.

Filipinos love to eat and that’s the reason why you will see a lot of restaurants and fast foods restaurants scattered in the cities. These restaurants and fast foods can be local or international food chains. Filipino food and chefs are considered one of the best in the world. It is hardly surprising that Filipino food is often labelled as somewhat strange (like the “balut” for example) but in its own way, its food is a unique mixture of eastern and western cuisines and reflects the history of Philippines. The Filipino food includes dishes and cooking procedures from China, Spain, Mexico, United States, and more recently from further abroad.

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However, what makes them Filipino is the history and society that introduced and adapted them; the people who turned them to their tastes and accepted them into their homes and restaurants, and specially the harmonizing culture that combined them into modern Filipino fare. Some of the popular fast food chains of Philippines are Jollibee, McDonald, KFC, Chowking, etc. and popular restaurants being Abe, Chelsea, Friday’s, Chili’s and a lot more. Attracting a huge crowd to restaurants or fast foods require more than just good food. Though important, good food is only a part of the total dining experience.

Equally important is believed to be the way people feel while in the restaurant. This physical and emotional response is a result of the atmosphere, the total environment to which customers are exposed. The proper atmosphere can make the food, service and whole dining experience seem better. For that reason a restaurant or a fast food must take care of the following to please its customers. This includes checking the cleanliness of the place and freshness of the food, guarded premises, parking area where people can park, ambiance and landscaping, building design, lighting, and even music.