How to Quote a Translation in the Body of an Essay

Quotes give an essay a sense of liveliness and credibility since the source is acknowledged. It is easy to quote something in a language that is not foreign to you. Once you have to do some translation. Then the narrative changes. You have to put into consideration certain aspects that will help you retain the meaning as is in the original language of the quote that you are using in the body of the essay.

Below are some of the ways in which you can go about when you want to quote a translation in the body of an essay.

Write the Translation of the Quote in Parenthesis

When you quote a translation in your essay, do not in any way assume that your audience is conversant with the language that you have used in the quote. You have to make them understand every bit of your essay including a quote that is in a foreign language. Perfect Service that can do this for you is a

To achieve that, it is prudent to put the translation of the quote in brackets so that your readers can follow what you are trying to put across.

Italicize the Foreign Language That You Are Quoting

One thing that will help you distinguish one language from the other in an essay is by italicizing the foreign language that you are quoting. In as much as you want to translate it, giving it the visible distinction could be of help especially if the languages you are using are closely related like French and Spanish

Stick to the Original Formatting of the Quote

It is advisable that you stick to the original format of the quote. Any alterations made might ruin the meaning of the quote because not all languages have the same style of writing. To avoid distorting meaning, maintain the format of the language that was used to write the quote.

 Always remember that a quote is not your intellectual property. To avoid being charged with infringing copyright laws, ensure that you acknowledge the person behind the quote that you are using. That is not an exemption when you are quoting a translated quote. Somehow, the author might find out if you miss to acknowledge them and you may be charged. To avoid the legal corridors, do the author of the work a favor by mentioning that it is their quote that you used in your essay.