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The Berlin Pact – Summary

The Berlin Pact 1940
also known as the Pact of three
powers 1940
or Triple
— international Treaty
(Pact), concluded on 27 September 1940
between representatives of the main
of the countries participating in the anti-Comintern
of the Covenant: Germany (Joachim von Ribbentrop),
Italy (Galeazzo Ciano) and Japan
Empire (Saburo Kurus) for a period of 10 years.

The Berlin Pact
involved the delineation of zones
influence between countries Nazi
bloc (countries of the “Axis”) when establishing
the new world order and military
mutual assistance. Germany and Italy
intended the leading role in Europe
a Japanese Empire in Asia. This
by the way, Japan has received a formal
right to the annexation of the French possessions
in Asia, which was used without
delay entering into French

To the Berlin Pact
also joined in dependent
Of Germany government of Hungary (20 November
1940), Romania (23 November 1940),
Slovakia (24 November 1940), Bulgaria (1
March 1941).

The Berlin Pact,
according to article 3, was originally configured
anti-American, at the same time against
to the Soviet Union, according to article 5, it was a Pact
sympathetic relations to the Soviet Union.
He also considered the right of a Contracting
parties to have their own relationship
with the Soviet Union. Germany thought possible
to draw the attention and interests of the USSR to
India in order to push him off
The British Empire. Japan, objasnuva
in the “endless war in China,” guaranteed
the observance of her neutrality
Far East of the USSR, in exchange for giving
The Soviet Union to support China. In the end of the USSR
ceased support for the legitimate
the government of China, but continuing
support the Chinese Communists,
full used safe
Pacific route for getting
supplies from the USA with the Len-lease, moved
according to it 48% of all goods.

12 Nov 1940
Berlin hosted the Soviet-German
the negotiations, German diplomats suggested
Soviet Union to accede to the Covenant.
The Soviet government gave its consent
to join the Axis countries in
the condition of referring to the interests of
The USSR, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.[1].However
such demands were openly
inflated the Desire to establish
the actual Soviet protectorate over
de jure independent European countries
confirmed the correctness and necessity
the creation of the anti-Comintern Pact,
The Soviet Union confirmed his loyalty to the
the ideas of the Comintern on the necessity
Communist expansion.

On March 25, 1941 to
The Berlin Pact was joined by
the Yugoslav government of Dragisa
Cvetkovic, but on 27 March it was
deposed in a coup,
committed by agents of the British and
the Soviet secret police. The new government
Dušan Simović did not approve of the act of
the accession to the Treaty, and concluded
a Treaty of friendship with the Soviet Union and took the openly
anti-German position. This provoked
the invasion of the Wehrmacht in Yugoslavia, that
led to her defeat and disappearance from
map of Europe.

Later to the Covenant
joined Spain, Thailand,
the puppet government of Croatia,
Manchukuo and the government van Cinway
in China. Finland provoked
bombing of the Soviet aviation
its territory on 25 June 1941 joined
in the war against the USSR, but considered himself
independent party to the conflict.
As soon as the scales finally became
to tilt in favor of the Allies, especially
after landing in Normandy in the West and
operation “Bagration” in East,
Finland decided to play the political
map, with the aim to move to the side
the overcomers. For this President ryti
26 June 1944 and sent to Germany a letter in
which he promised to join the Triple
the Covenant. It Finland guaranteed
Germany’s military assistance and refusal
separate negotiations in exchange for
the supply of food. However, after
the resignation RUTI 31 July 1944, Finland
denounced the letter in exchange for
concessions under negotiations for a separate
peace with the Soviet Union and the promise Intern
German military parts
on the territory of Finland. The USSR faced
in July 1944, with persistent defense of the Finns on
Salpa line love to go on
collusion with Finland.

The defeat of the Axis Countries in
World war II resulted in the elimination of
of the Covenant.


  1. [1] No. 172. The conversation
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