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Overview of Personnel Human Resource Management Essay Example

Overview of Personnel Human Resource Management Essay

Personnel administration plays a vita rolel in the efforts to improve efficiency, effectiveness and economy in the government, particularly the improvement of the administration strucute of its public administration – Overview of Personnel Human Resource Management Essay introduction. It is also one of the major linkages of an organization with its environment. In doing so, the government agency/companies hire pesonnel manager or officer to do the tasks of human resource management.

According to Ordway Tead, Personnel Administration is the utilization of the best scientific knowledge of all kinds to the end that an organization as a whole and the individuals composing it shall find that corporate and individual purpose are being reconciled to the fullest possible extent, while workiing together of these purpose realizes also a genuine social benefits.

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Managerial and administrative skills could only be exercised through personnel administration. Personnel Human Resources Management has been created to assist top management in developing and in implementing personel policies, programs, and procedures and in coordinating them with line management in establishing a pleasant atmosphere in the organization so that each employee will contribute his best towards the success of the organization.

The human resources department as a staff unit adviser, heps and assists the managers and supervisors in their personnel functions. The responsibility of personnel administrationin the firm that of dealing with the employees including what work to do, how, why, when and where to do it and in matters relating to their day-to-day relationships at their places of work and of implementing the personnel policies-belongs to the operation foremen, supervisors, and line executives.

However, the personnel department may attend to employees with problem that are referred to it by the line supervisors since the training and expertise of the personnel manager in human relations and in the behavioral sciences, put him in a good position to attend to employees concerning their problems. It is psychological environment existing whithin an organization that effects all human activities. It is the attitude ahd feelings that people have about the organization, their supervisor, their peers and their jobs.

It refers to the tendency to agree or disagree. The organizaional climate of a company may either be favoralbe or unfavorable. When working conditions are satisfactory, when the management has a high degree of trust and confidence in its employees, when employees are encourange to participate in problem-solving or decision-making and when decision can be made at the lowest competent level of organization.

In order to survive in this fast changing world business, organizations must keep pace with changes in technology. Tehcnological changes brought about by inventions and new manufacturing techniques have tremendous impact on human resource management. Personnel programs, plans, policies, procedures and practices should not be contrary to government goals and objectives as well as the customers, traditions and cutlture of its human resources.