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Mcdonald in India Essay Example

Mcdonald in India Essay

Case Study Individual Report – International Management 15/02/2012 McDonald’s in India by Kishore Dash Until late 1980s, India was a very closed and protective country in terms of economic, political and social perspectives – Mcdonald in India Essay introduction. However, after this period dramatic changes happened in all of these areas. At the time, the political leaders pursued policies of economic nationalism but these policies were inefficient and by 1990, India was facing a severe economic crisis.

In response, the government introduced a series of liberalization policies designed to decrease the government control. The Indian social values also start changing in the late 1980s, there was an increasing acceptance of foreign culture. With this wide range of reforms in the 1990s combined with the large consumer market there were enough incentives for McDonald’s to enter in the Indian market. Before opening their first restaurant, McDonald’s spent many years planning and researching Indian market.

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The fast food company had a very well defined entering strategy, it wanted to get accepted and blend into local Indian cultural. To succeed in this objective, the restaurant developed a variety of strategies with especial focus on Indian consumers. McDonald’s was very concerned with Indian religious sensibilities, consumer’s food habits and with potential confrontations with the government and political activists. Most people do not eat beef and pork and prefer vegetarian foods, so McDonald’s created a menu that is specifically designed to Indian consumers introducing local products.

Although trying to appeal all ages, the company positioned itself as family restaurant, in order to meet the changing family system and Indian social values, since is a country in which children are the family priority. Regarding the Indian Government, as long as the company pursues the purpose of creating employment opportunities and meet the government’s standards for regulation on food, health and hygiene, the support would follow.

Concerning the possible confrontations with activists, McDonald’s has created many green and community programs in order to increase awareness of an active and healthy life and to promote and increase solidarity in India. McDonald’s set up a well-established supply chain in order to operationalize its practiced QSCV (quality, service, cleanliness and value), to enjoy flexibility in pricing since Indian consumers were very price sensitive and to launch a new product when necessary. McDonald’s and its international suppliers worked with local companies to develop products that meet the restaurant quality tandards and at the same time to help them to improve their ability to compete in international markets. In terms of Location, McDonald’s decided to set up two joint ventures in Mumbai and Delhi. Logistics plays a very important role on the location strategy and so McDonald’s decided to establish restaurant closed to their two distribution centers in India. Despites these efficient and good strategies, McDonald’s has to face many challenges such as high costs, constant pressure to introduce new products and the need of extensive investments to expand the business.

One of the possible solutions could be to arrange a partnership with the Indian Government in order to get the funds necessary to expand since the restaurant is giving so much to the country and contributing the development of Indian economy. McDonald’s could also try to utilize existing facilities instead of create everything from “scratch” as a way to reduce costs in the expansion for other Indian cities. Ana Filipa Conduto, n? 10175

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McDonalds in India Essay Example

McDonalds in India Essay – Part 2

1.      Company Background

McDonalds, one of the world’s largest and best known fast-food chains, had very humble origins as a drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino in California in 1948 – McDonalds in India Essay introduction. McDonalds was formally incorporated as McDonald’s Corporation in the year 1955 by Ray Kroc in 1955, who opened the first restaurant under the corporation in Des Plaines, Illinois, near Chicago, on April 15, 1955. Throughout the years McDonalds Corporation has grown phenomenally, and has now more than 30,000 restaurants in about 120 countries around the world, with about 50 million customers served per day (McDonald’s Corporation 2004)

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Due to the liberalization policies introduced in 1991 the foreign companies for the first time had a decent chance of opening their ventures in India. Following these policy changes a number of U.S.-based fast food chains like KFC and Pizza Hut rushed to the Indian market in the early 1990s policies, McDonald’s did not enter the Indian market until 1996. Instead, it spent about six years in planning, extensively researching Indian consumer tastes, product development, and supply chain arrangement before opening its first outlet in 1996 (Dash 2005)

Thus, the McDonalds Indian operation was started in the year 1996, with the first outlet opened in the month of October in New Delhi. McDonalds in India is actually a fifty-fifty joint venture partnership run by Indians. The two companies are Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd owned by Amit Jatla, who operates the McDonalds outlets in Western India; and Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. owned by Vikram Bakshi , who operates the outlets in northern India. Currently there are about 56 restaurants throughout India employing over 2000 Indians.  The outlets serve about half a million customers per day on an average. McDonalds India does not have a franchise option. The two restaurants mentioned above, either buy or take premises on a long-term arrangement (McDonalds India 2005)


2.      Products and Services

As a result of its research McDonalds found out a lot about the testes and preferences of Indian customers and designed a corresponding Menu specifically catering to the tastes of Indian people. For its success McDonalds had to face two huge challenges. The first was to get past hurting the religious sentiments of Indian people, and the second was not to give a chance to the politicians to label the corporation as a unfriendly foreign company. Working the first front McDonalds removed the possibility of beef and pork in their products, as the former was a strict no-no for the Hindus, while the later was not preferred by Muslims. There were many product innovations done for this purpose, the first of them was replacing beef and pork based products by the unobtrusive mutton. Another innovation was the McAloo Tikki Burger, to make the products have a purely vegetarian feel for people. In fact approximately 75% of the menu available in McDonald’s in India is Indianized and specifically designed to woo Indian customers. This additionally shows that the corporation respects the Indian culture. The Indianised food concept is not just limited to product innovations; the spices used are also predominantly Indian. In addition vegetarian and non-vegetarian based products are separated during procurement, cooking and serving of the dishes. McDonalds also wishes to tune its image of being only a fast-food restaurant. It plans on adding health food options to its product lists in terms of offering more baked or toasted options as opposed to fried patties. McCurry Pan, introduced in 2003, was the first baked dish option (Dash 2005)

Following is a sample exhibit of the products served by McDonalds in India.



3.      Target Consumers

The primary target customers of McDonalds have always been children. This target customer segment was spotted by Ray Kroc, and has since been followed throughout all its franchises. The idea behind is that families will follow where children wish to go. In India this means an entire section comprising of the very old people to adults and teenagers. There has however been a growing trend for targeting many other segments like corporate people, the primary target in India however remains the family, as is very clear from its advertisements (Dash 2005)

4.      International Marketing Strategy

a.            Product – One of the main reasons for the brand popularity of McDonalds in India is the variety of products available. There is a lot of effort spent on the customization of product according to the tastes of people. India is in fact the largest market for vegetarian based products of McDonalds. This ensures the reach of the company among the various segments of people with a wide variety of eating habits. Even the regular products are customized by making them more Indianised by adding Indian spices. Some examples of products developed in India and rolled out in other countries are Pizza McPuff, McAloo Tikki burger and McCurry Pan (India-info)

b.            Price – The main reasons for the growth of McDonalds in India is attributed to its pricing strategy. While McDonald’s incurred high fixed costs in infrastructure and supplier creation in India. it has adopted a large volume, low realization model of business. The company has taken a long-term view and priced its products appropriately. There are products available in every price segment with the lowest-cost burger starting from Rs 20 (or 05 dollars approx). While McDonald’s has achieved success by tapping middle-class households worldwide, in India the majority buyers are the rich and upper-middleclass population. The middle class population still remains to be effectively tapped. (Dash 2005)

c.             Promotion – McDonalds focuses its advertisements on being a place where

families could go for any kind of outing. The USP of the advertisements is that

people can have fun at these places, which is targeted at almost all the

consumer segments. In addition the company also focuses on promotional

campaigns from time to time.  “An example was ‘Music Meal, launched in

April     2005 in association with Coca-Cola India and Universal Music India,

which  became  extremely popular with young men and women” (Dash 2005)

d.            Place – Initially McDonalds opened its outlets only in Delhi and Mumbai due to

affordability and brand recognition factors. The places were sufficiently

exposed to the western culture due to their metropolitan culture. Also these

places had the largest percentage of urban population in the rich and upper

middle class zones, who were willing to try new eateries. The next lines of

outlets were opened in satellite cities i.e. near to Deli and Mumbai like Noida

and Pune respectively. Expansion continued to cities with tourist appeals like

Shimla and cities with eat out culture like Ahemadabad and Bangalore.

Hyderabad is the latest addition into the city list of McDonalds expansion plans

(Dash 2005)

5.      Sales Forecast

McDonalds sees India as a market with a lot of expansion capability. The main reason for this is the fast growth in economy which has led to a higher purchasing power in the hands of people. It is planning to open about 15-20 outlets in India as a target per year. However, India is viewed as a tough market with limited scale. Currently, McDonald’s has 54 outlets in more than 10 cities in India. The company plans to add 15 outlets a year at an investment of US$ 8.7 million. In addition they also plan to double this investment  to US$ 174 million. Fresh investments will be for expansion of McDonald’s India’s supply chain, refurbishing its cold chain, and setting up more outlets (India – info)

McDonald’s is planning tie-ups with oil marketing companies for setting up McDonald’s outlets at gas stations. McDonald’s is also eager to set up more outlets at places like railway stations, and is working on new product offerings like a fruit drink and desserts. (India –info)



6.      Conclusion

While McDonalds may still remain as the choice for people in the rich an middle class segments, the growth of this section itself in the Indian economy, due to the rapid development, means that the future of McDonalds in India is good. However, the company needs to focus of continuous innovation of products, and also think about expanding to other cites, instead of just concentrating on strategic metros and suburbs (Dash 2005)





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McDonald’s Corporation, International Directory of Company Histories, Vol.63. St.

James Press, 2004. http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/McDonalds-Corporation-Company-History.html


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McDonald's vs Burger King Essay Example

McDonald’s vs Burger King Essay – Part 2

McDonald’s and Burger King are both fast food restaurants in a demanding world – McDonald’s vs Burger King Essay introduction. They are both franchises which mean each is owned by an individual and operated under the name and guidelines of the franchise. They are known for their hamburgers and french fries. McDonald’s and Burger King compete who serves the better nutritional hamburger, who provides the best service and who has the better atmosphere. Both McDonald’s and Burger King have been in service for over 50 years. McDonald’s and Burger King both say they serve the better nutritional hamburgers.

Lets take a look at some of the facts. McDonald’s serve the outrageous Big Mac whereas Burger King serves the almighty whopper. The average burger at Burger King is slightly heavier than McDonald’s. It weighs in at 121 grams, contains nine grams of total fat, 30 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein and 490 mg of sodium (bk. com). McDonald’s average burger weighs in at 100 grams and has nine grams of fat, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein and 480 mg of sodium (McDonalds. com). They both claim to use 100% beef.

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Burger King broils their burgers to get the great outdoor taste of cooking on the grill. McDonald’s fries their burgers over a flat grill so it tastes like home cooking. McDonald burger comes with ketchup, mustard, pickle, onion or however it is ordered. Burger King burgers come with ketchup, mustard and pickle or “have it your way” made. McDonald’s hamburgers are cheaper than Burger Kings and have better value. McDonald’s servings are a little smaller and with this being said you are consuming fewer harmful ingredients such as sodium. That is for a regular burger.

Now for the big mac vs. the whopper it is a different story. The big mac has 1170 sodium, 770 calories, 44g protein, 40 g of fat, 59 g of carbs and 2 g of Trans fat (McDonalds. com). The whopper comes in at 980 sodium, 630 calories, 25 g of protein, 35 g of fat, 57 g of carbs and 1 g of Tran’s fat (bk. com). So here you see that Burger King out does McDonald’s nutritionally for these sandwiches. A normal sandwich has approximately 255 mg of sodium. The more sodium the higher the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure which can cause a stroke or a heart attack.

At this point let us look at the differences of McDonald’s french fries and Burger King french fries. McDonald’s have smaller shoestring sixe french fry. Burger King has the larger fry which means more spud in the french fry. McDonald’s puts out 2. 27 milligrams of sodium per gram of french fry. Burger King puts out 3. 73 milligrams of sodium per gram of french fry. A large french fry at McDonald’s averages around $1. 99 with 154 grams and 350 milligrams. Burger Kings large french fry averages around $1. 89 with 190 grams and 170 milligrams.

Burger King french fries are larger than McDonald’s. The larger the french fry means the more potato inside. You get larger portions at Burger King. Customer service at Burger King is very important. In 2008 improper cooking techniques and broiler problems resulted in Burger King selling undercooked hamburgers. The hamburgers were cooked at 131 degrees when they should have been cooked at 155 degrees. If they are not cooked at 155 degrees they are not safe to eat. Burger King took this matter very seriously as they were failing their service to their customers.

Undercooked hamburger can contain dangerous germs and bacteria. This could result in their customers getting food poisoning and falling disease. Burger King did not want this for they want to provide the best service ever. As early as 2005 some Burger King locations began offering free high speed Internet, better known as Wi-Fi. Other places were offering internet, but they were selling a card for success. Burger King offered it free to show their customers how much they appreciated every one of them.

The free service could also be accessed using PDA’s, hand held devices that combine computing telephone/fax, internet and networking features. On the other hand when customers have a complaint McDonald’s listen. July 1992 McDonald’s became the first chain to launch a formal policy guaranteeing free meals to every unhappy customer. McDonald’s guarantee ensures customers that “if you’re not satisfied we will make it right-or you’re next meal is on us”. You can receive a free meal if you don’t receive a hot meal, if you don’t receive quick delivery, if you don’t eceive friendly service or an accurate drive thru order. The program was designed to help promote consumer confidence and encourage employees to work hard to satisfy all customers. McDonald’s strives to deliver value and 100 percent customers’ satisfaction. With a few of the facts given it just goes to show how McDonald’s and Burger King strive to give their customers the service they deserve. If it were not for their loyal customers they would not have establishments to worry about. So they are dedicated to keeping their customers happy.

McDonald’s has a play place for kids to enjoy their meals. McDonald’s is family oriented. They have a jungle play gym where the kids can play when they are done eating while the rest of the family continues to finish their meal. Some of the McDonald’s also have a recreational area with blocks to build and other items for the kids also to enjoy while dining at the restaurant. If the parents finish their meal and the children are playing there is newspapers there for the parents to enjoy reading while they play.

They also offer Wi-Fi for your convience. Besides those facts McDonald’s represents the Ronald McDonald House. The first Ronald McDonald House was opened in Philadelphia in 1974. The Ronald McDonald Housing facilities are all located near hospitals. The facility provides temporary treatment for children that are usually suffering from cancer. The facility provides temporary housing for as little as $15 a day or as low as nothing for some families who often come from far away to be with their children at their time of suffering.

The Ronald McDonald house provides an atmosphere of mutual support and shared concerns among everyone involved. This program was brought forth because Fred Hill a member of the Philadelphia Eagles football team, (at the time) his daughter contracted leukemia. Jim Murray (a friend of Fred Hill) asked McDonald’s to help raise money for a facility near a hospital where parents could stay. The facility was just a regular house. The franchises promised to donate all the money raised from a special promotion, if and only if, the facility could be called the “Ronald McDonald House”.

With McDonald’s providing this house it goes to show the atmosphere they want their customers to experience. They not only try to have a great atmosphere inside their restaurant but they want to extend it beyond that, showing that they care in and out of the establishment. Burger King also came up with a good atmosphere for families. In 1997 Burger Kings across the nation from 4 p. m. to 8 p. m. , you would be able to order your hamburger and french fries and then be seated, wait at your table for your order to be delivered to you.

While waiting adults would get popcorn to snack on while the kids got crayons to color on a paper placemat. You got this to occupy you’re time while you wait for your food. Customers had commented that they wanted an ambience atmosphere and a relaxed meal at dinner time. Burger King responded by giving their customers what they asked for. McDonald’s advertises making things easy on the parent as in “You deserve a break today”. Burger King advertises choices such as “Have it your way”. Both restaurants are striving to please their customers. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority.

I guess the question would be “who serves the better nutritional burger, who has the better service and who has the better atmosphere”? It all depends on the person. They need to make that decision. Both family restaurants has their pros and cons. So the answer would be in the eyes of the beholder. My personal reference would be McDonald’s. I like their service much better. I love the idea of how they support the Ronald McDonald atmosphere. They have proven themselves once again that they deserve the worthiness award. The big yellow arch wins hands down!


aht.seriouseats.com/…/fast-food-french-fries-taste-test-mcdonalds-bur…Cached You +1’d this publicly. Undo Feb 27, 2012

– www.Bk.com


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Internationalization of Businesses Like Mcdonald's Essay Example

Internationalization of Businesses Like Mcdonald’s Essay

McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food resrestaurant – Internationalization of Businesses Like Mcdonald’s Essay introduction. Its headquartered in the United States. McDonald’s primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes and desserts. In response to changing consumer tastes, the company has expanded its menu to include salads, wraps, smoothies and fruit. So this eaasy try to analyse and idetify McDonald’s internationalization. For McDonald’s resources and capabilities, McDonald’s itself has the brand and the enterprise image, but add-valuing resources can lead to competitive advantage.

So through the advantage of opening dessert station, focusing on staffs training and franchise are to have the competitive advantage so as to reduce the cost and increase enterprise profits. McDonald’s is not rarely. Because there are KFC,Dicos similar with McDonald’s, but it is not imitable. The unique historical conditions and patent restrictions are hardly to imitate. Production of foods is a secret. Above these because there is a good organization which have organization structure and management system. McDonald’s have various entry mode.

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To begin with, McDonald’s choose the model of franchise. Franchisors sells the rights to intellectual property to the franchisees for a royalty fee lead to the international market of rapid expansion and rapid development. In addition, the McDonald’s Corporation in the fund does not need to input foreign branch. Although will have to personnel, sales and distribution, management or control in the hands of authorized dealer. Authorized to McDonald’s company for technical and sales guidance on the products and services to the global standardization.

Standardized product of McDonald’s is Western-style fast-food in the world, as well as the service form and management strategy. its meals include hamburgers, French fries, cola, coffee, soup and so on. The McDonald’s current consumer loyalty is very high. McDonald’s for the localization of products in order to standardize services at the same time to adapt to different needs of various regions. Like in china, we will provide Chinese breakfast.

McDonald’s pricing basic unity and Relative low. In the United States, McDonald’s is as work meal appears, its aims are to facilitate the ork of tension in the rhythm of ordinary workers, so in the United States of America McDonald’s, have no customers waiting in the queue for dining scene; but in China, McDonald’s has become a leisure and entertainment place. We can often be seen riding wait for others to finish and then dish dining scene, it would be a very long time the local mode of operation and did not affect the McDonald’s Corporation standardization production management mode. In addition, in china McDonald’s build up the dessert station because of much population. It increases the distribution channels. Comparing with starbucks, McDonald’s adapt to ordinary people.

Starbucks adapt to people who have high consumption and high salary. China runs leisure coffee area McDonald’s restaurants. Coffee is named after Mccafe in the McDonald’s. Mccafe is about half of the average price of Starbucks A shareholder of McDonald’s is performance of CSR. Environmental groups provide comfortable and safe environment. Employees need a specific skill and high quantified to service customers of consumptions. Suppliers provide raw material. So to my mind, I suggest that McDonald’s need diversity because of restriction of brand image, develop quality of foods and confirm the salary of employee.

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McDonald’s Corporation in the New Millennium Essay Example

McDonald’s Corporation in the New Millennium Essay

McDonald’s Corporation in the New Millennium

Case 2

The Problem

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McDonald’s Corporation’s slow adaptation of customer’s preferences and tastes.


To help McDonald adapt customer’s preferences and tastes quickly – McDonald’s Corporation in the New Millennium Essay introduction. To help the McDonald’s Corporation improve their earnings and sales growth in the market. To recommend several actions that may help them in solving the problem that arises.

Situational Analysis

Jack Greenberg was the C.E.O of McDonald’s Corporation. “Big Mac Attack” was the advertising slogan of this corporation referring to a craving for a McDonald’s Big Mac burger. However, “Big Mac Attack” now referred to corporation’s earning declined in the late 1990s and 2000s. But McDonald’s Corporation leads the fast-food industry for its dynamic market expansion, new products, and special promotional strategies. In United States, sales growth became slow to the industry average in recent years. The CEO decided to find appropriate strategies to reverse the declines and stay ahead of competition.

Jack Greenberg recognized the difficult task the company faced in trying for sales to grow as the market shares and profit as well. He also recognized that the strengths of the competitors are by taking advantage quickly in customer preferences and tastes.

SWOT Analysis


The advertising slogan “Big Mac Attack” referring to the craving for the corporation’s product McDonald’s Big Mac Burger. Dynamic Market Expansion

Special Promotional Strategies


Slow adaption of customer’s preferences and tastes.


McDonald’s Corporation could take advantage to the fast-food industry because of the corporation’s positive image for its advertisements and because it leads the fast-food industry for its dynamic market expansion, new products, and special promotional strategies. Corporation’s positive image


Major competitors such as Burger King Corp, Hardee’s, Wendy’s International, Pizza Hut, KFC, and taco Bell External factors like economic, political or legal, climate, cultural forces etc.


Therefore, I conclude that McDonald’s Corporation is experiencing declination of earnings as well as slow movement of sales growth in the market because of the competitors which are quick in terms of adapting the customer’s preferences and tastes. I think this corporation needs to find a more appropriate and effective strategies in order to solve the corporation’s problem.

Alternative Courses of Action

The McDonald’s Corporation should maintain the corporation’s positive image by those advertisements and other promotional activities. This Corporation should make products that would fit to the needs of those customers like those health conscious customers. This Corporation should think in advance and create new products which will be customers preferred. This Corporation should also create or improve strategies in order to maintain as leading in the fast-food industry and to increase the earnings as well as the sales growth in the market.


As a case analyst, I recommend that McDonald’s Corporation should apply the Alternative Courses of Action which can be a big help for the corporation’s improvement and success. It could make the corporation reverse the declined earnings and to make the slow movement of sales growth to be fast and achieve the sales growth that the McDonald’s Corporation is striving for.

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Mcdonalds History Essay Example

Mcdonalds History Essay

In the history of business, countless companies have failed, some have luckily succeeded, but only one became the world’s largest and most profitable in the fast food industry – Mcdonalds History Essay introduction. That company is McDonalds. The question though however is how McDonalds separated itself from companies like Wendy’s and Burger King to become the world’s most successful fast food restaurant. How did McDonalds start as one restaurant in 1948 to become today’s largest fast food chain in the world? McDonalds surpassed its competition with innovative thinking in restaurant management and operations, through successful marketing, and simply being able to adapt with the times. In the beginning all businesses start off small, but only a select few of these small businesses thrive and multiply to become successful multinational conglomerates like McDonalds.

It is hard to imagine McDonalds starting off in 1948 as a small single burger snack in San Bernardino, California seeing how large it is today. What separated McDonalds from all other small businesses was their new and innovative idea, “an ‘assembly line’ whereby a reduced menu (consisting only of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries and drinks) could be cooked cheaper and quicker, which would hopefully lead to a higher turnover of customers. ”3 This concept of food preparation is still the heart of the fast food industry. However McDonald’s founders, Richard and Maurice McDonald, did not start their restaurant with this innovative idea.

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In the 1940’s the McDonald brothers started off with a small drive in restaurant, where people were served to their cars, and had about a twenty five item barbeque menu. They were mildly successful, but the brothers felt they could improve, and on December of 1948 they reopened their business with an innovative way of food preparation that is still used today. It did not take long for business to start surging, in only five years their volume of burgers sold almost doubled, and during peak periods it would not be unusually to see a hundred and fifty customers outside waiting for a burger from this new up incoming business. It did not just attract customers though; it also enticed many business people which initially started the expansion of McDonalds. With word spreading of the success of McDonalds many business people wanted to mimic their success, which piloted the first franchise of McDonalds being sold to Neil Fox in Arizona for merely one thousand dollars. The thousand dollars would buy the right to use the name “McDonalds”, a brief description on how their “Speedee Service System” was done, and the services of their first cashier Art Bender for two weeks to help get them started.

However there was one businessman that would change McDonalds forever, his name was Ray Kroc. 5 Ray Kroc first came in contact with McDonalds in 1954 when he was trying to sell and supply them with multimixer’s, which were used to make shakes. When Ray Kroc saw firsthand how successful McDonalds was, it made him think about all the untapped potential in the rest of the country. From seeing this, it inspired Kroc to sign a ninety nine year contract with the McDonald brothers who gave Kroc exclusive rights to franchise out McDonald’s restaurants to the rest of the country under a company that Kroc would own and run. This incorporated company was called McDonalds System Inc, which was remained to be McDonalds Corporation in 1960. 7 The essence of the contact said that Kroc could open as many restaurants as he wanted seeing that no changes were made to the original style of McDonalds without written consent. 8 It was also said that Kroc could only charge $950 dollars for initial franchising fee’s, and take only 1. 9% of the franchises sales, giving 0. 5% back to the McDonalds.

Kroc’s first restaurant, the one felt to be first of McDonalds Corp. , opened in Des Plaines Illinois in April of 1955. It did not take long for more and more McDonalds to open up. By the end of 1956, fourteen McDonalds were opened reporting 1. 2 million in sales. Four years later there were 228 restaurants reporting sales of 37. 6 million. 10 To maintain this growth, Kroc found it in his best interest to simply buy out the McDonald brothers so he could have total control over the company. As a result in 1961, Kroc bought out the brothers for 2. 7 million giving him absolute power in all aspects of McDonalds. 11 With McDonalds now in control by Ray Kroc this guided the way to many new innovative ideas.

First in 1961, he created an ad campaign, called “Look for the Golden Arches”, which really helped boost sales at current locations. Another idea in 1962 was to replace their current symbol, a character called “Speedee”, with the now world famous Golden Arches. A year later, Kroc came up with the idea to have a red haired clown to appear in the restaurant called “Ronald McDonald” to try and appeal to kids, an idea no one could of imagine to work so good. 12 In a recent study it was proven that Ronald McDonald was the second most recognizable figure, topped only by Santa Claus. 3 This goes to show how McDonalds has been so successful in advertising which in the end helps the company grow. Since McDonald’s inception they have never struggled with marketing, rather they are world renowned for it.

Any company would love to have the success McDonald has had when it comes to advertising. But how have they been so successful? First they have had some of the cleverest ideas when it comes to advertising. Almost every single ad campaign or slogan for instance, “ba da ba ba baa I’m Lovin It,” has caught on immediately. Two of McDonald’s most successful ad campaigns were in the 1984 Olympic Games where when the “U. S. won, you won”14 and the other was when they gave away “Teenie Beanie Babys” with happy meals in 1997. 15 Another reason McDonalds was so successful in advertising is because they adapted with the times. For instance, look at the way the actual restaurant has change in design over the years. In the beginning, McDonalds had a very sleek and revolutionary look to it, with two arches going over the top of the building. However in 1967, there was a change in public interest and people preferred a more traditional style look, which resulted in a complete redesign of the building.

This resulted in a total makeover towards mansard style roofs with brown bricks and red shingles. With this revolution, also came the birth of a sit down area within McDonalds. 16The main look within was very simple, with very cheap plastic booths and tables in the restaurant. It was not until 1975 that McDonalds again changed the way it served its customers. With the automobile being even more in demand, McDonalds adapted and capitalized on this trend by creating the drive thru window. 17The traditional look had remained the same until recent years when McDonalds started to dramatically change the look of their locations again.

Instead of the traditional look, McDonalds went back to the sleeker look with the two arches going over it. The new McDonalds look very similar to the ones from pre 1968, however there is a drastically new interior. For instance, most “new restaurant’s [have] higher-tech features: wireless Internet service, digital ordering displays and plasma-screen television sets… [there are] muted earth tones instead of blazing reds and yellows, as well as walls marking off dining zones for singles, families and business meetings. This shows how McDonalds is adapting to the more technological society that is happening today and capitalizing on it. 18 With the actual restaurant changing over time, so did the menu. With Ray Kroc owning McDonalds, this allowed various new menu changes that have now become staples within McDonalds. The first addition to the McDonalds menu was the “Fillet o Fish” in 1963, then in 1968 the Big Mac was introduced. Other famous additions to McDonald’s menu include the McFlurry, the Quarter pounder, Chicken McNuggets, and the Happy Meal.

However, the biggest addition to McDonald’s menu was with the addition of breakfast items in 1973. 19 The reason for this is by restricting to the sales of only burgers alone, there was only a certain time period at which people were willing to eat them which is typically lunch or dinner. However by having a breakfast line, McDonalds was able to tap into a market they would not be able to do at the time. By simply adding breakfast, it increases the hours of operations which will increase revenue. McDonalds was not the only hamburger restaurant at the time, they had lots of competition from competitors like Wendy’s and Burger King.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, competition between these rivals intensified. Experts at the time believed that the fast food industry had stop growing, meaning that the current companies needed to fight for more market share rather than expand more. As a result vigorous ad campaigns from Burger King’s, “Have it your way”, and Wendy’s, “Fresh Alternative”, began. However McDonalds sales and market share still continued to grow, showing that consumers reacted more to the all the advertising efforts of McDonalds further proving the power of effective marketing. 0 The best way to look at the success of McDonalds is to look at their rapid US growth. The biggest contributor to McDonald’s growth was when the company went public in 1965, selling shares for $22. 25 each. It only took a few weeks for its share price to more than double to $49 each.

To further see McDonald’s success, look at these numbers. By 1967 McDonalds had just opened their 1,000 restaurant, three years later they opened their 1600th restaurant occupying all 50 states raking in $587 million in sales a year. By 1990, McDonalds had opened 11,800 restaurants reporting $18. million in sales and selling a total of 80 billion burgers. With all of its success in American, it was inevitable for McDonalds to cross its U. S. borders and expand even further. 21 One of the main reasons for the huge success of McDonalds was their ability to expand all across the world. The first non U. S. McDonalds opened in Canada on 1968 in Richmond B. C. , and global expansion has not stopped since. 22 McDonalds can be found all across the world in 119 different countries. 23 McDonalds pioneered in opening restaurants were no other American company tried, and they succeed greatly.

A prime example of this is when McDonalds opened a restaurant in Soviet Russia in 1990, in Moscow. On the first day, more than thirty thousand people lined up to be the first people to eat at the new McDonalds in Moscow. Another example is in 1992 when McDonalds opened its first restaurant in Beijing, where it drew a crowd of forty thousand people its first day. Currently, there are thirty-one thousand restaurants worldwide. 24 However, McDonalds could only expand so much. By keeping this in mind, the mantra of “better, not just bigger,” kicked into play. 25 It is an increasing trend today to see twenty four hour McDonalds.

This was brought out by the idea of “Instead of building more restaurants, McDonald’s is increasing its financial results by squeezing more from the ones it. ”26 What this means is that instead of expanding, they need to make more money from existing McDonalds and one way of during that is increasing the hours of operation. This was the same methodology used when the breakfast line was added in, by having longer hours, it gives the opportunity to increase profits. The story of McDonalds however is not perfect; there are many black spots in the success of McDonalds.

The main problems have been through the various trials against McDonalds, and the link between the food McDonalds sells and obesity and other health issues. The main trial that completely defamed McDonalds was the famous “McLibel” case that ended in 1997. This trial was about McDonalds suing two environmentalists for distributing a leaflet containing various disturbing claims against McDonalds. In the end McDonalds won the case, but they lost more than they won, a pyrrhic victory. In the end of the trial, the judge found McDonalds guilty of “mistreating animals, paying low wages and exploiting children through its ads. 27 This was the first major bash to McDonald’s reputation. The next blow to McDonald’s reputation came from a documentary called “Supersize Me” created by Morgan Spurlock.

For years people have been bashing McDonalds for all of its unhealthily food, but after “Supersize Me” things changed the most. After the movie, McDonalds did many various things in retaliation of the movie. First it removed the supersize option on fries and soda, they started offering bottled water and yogurt instead of fries and soda, they can out with a salad line, and they also started to print all the nutritional facts of their products on the wrappers. 8 It is safe to say that McDonalds is a great example of a company that succeed. It was able to expand from a single burger shack to a multinational conglomerate with over thirty one thousand restaurants worldwide. It goes to show how one innovative idea of an assembly line style restaurant could become worth billions in the future. McDonalds proves how creative marketing will help a company expand. Finally, McDonalds shows how a single person, Ray Kroc, could build upon a single idea and create a business that is known all around the world.

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Mcdonald's UK Turnaround Essay Example

Mcdonald’s UK Turnaround Essay

1) Identify the problems confronting McDonald’s U – Mcdonald’s UK Turnaround Essay introduction. K. and list them from the most to the least critical . For each problem identified, explain your reasoning. 2) Some problems you identified in Question 1 may require a ‘quick fix’ in the short run, while others may require a major shift in company strategy. Assuming that you cannot focus on all the problems at once, suggest the order in which the issues should be addressed and suggest an approach to solving each problem. 3) By 2007, it seemed that the decisions made by McDonald’s U. K. management had begun to pay off. However, McDonald’s U. K. till lags behind the performance of other regions in the European division.

Considering your responses to Question 1 and 2, identify problems that may still exist and suggest actions to be taken. McDonald’s U. K. has experienced significant losses in the past years. In recent times they have started to turn around their profit trends but there is still more the organization can do to exceed expectations. Improving their restaurants, customer service, and healthy options are all actions McDonald’s can take to continue to improve their positive trend. 1. Identify the problems confronting McDonald’s U. K. and list them from the most to the least critical. For each problem identified, explain your reasoning. The most critical problem that McDonald’s U. K. and McDonald’s in general, is the negative press they are getting from documentaries that exploit the lack of health in their menu. While they have done what they can to maintain their staple items they are famous for as they add more nutritious options, it’s likely that they haven’t gained back the profits they lost. With vegetarianism and green/raw diets on the rise, McDonald’s could continue to plateau in sales if they don’t losing them again.

More Essay Examples on McDonalds Rubric

The documentary “Super- Size Me”; was a significant strike against McDonald’s as it gives compelling data against the food they provide. Another problem confronting McDonald’s is the state of their restaurants in the U. K. “Starbucks has made McDonald’s outlets look sterile and out of date”. Their restaurants were in need of upliftment. Starbucks and other restaurants have a trendy feel with modern, more inviting environments. Updating their storefronts could bring more customers in. To add to their issues, the service at McDonald’s U. K. has been “slipping”. To keep customers coming back, it is critical to provide excellent customer service.

If your clients are unhappy not only will they not come back, they will tell their friends to not come back further diminishing company profits. 2. Some problems you identified in Question 1 may require “quick fix”; in the short run, while others may require a major shift in company strategy. Assuming that you cannot focus on all the problems at once, suggest the order in which the issues should be addressed and suggest an approach to solving each problem. Taking care of their lack of quality customer service is a great first step to begin turning things around for McDonalds.

Providing training for new and existing employees around how they expect them to treat customers is an excellent first step to take. Accepting responsibility when there are customer service problems and following through on disciplinary actions to prove to both the customer and employee that McDonald’s takes their customer service very seriously. Any corporation needs to be more attentive to customer complaints if they want to keep them. Installing new policies and procedures is an excellent first step towards this goal. It is important that they address the health value of their menu and continue to add more light options.

One approach would be to maybe have more salads and more salad dressing options. Salads without meat should also be offered. Adding organics to their menu (this can likely only be salads and fruits offered) would be a great boost to business as well. 3. By 2007, it seemed that the decisions made by McDonald’s U. K. management had begun to pay off. However, McDonald’s U. K. still lags behind the performance of other regions in the European division. Considering your responses to Questions 1 and 2, identify problems that may still exist and suggest actions to be taken.

Customer service issues may still exist within McDonald’s U. K. It’s difficult to reverse negative experiences customers have had. It’s also difficult to change opinions of not only those with the negative experience, but everyone close to them to whom they’ve expressed their discontent. Running ad campaigns that reinforce the friendliness of the McDonald’s environment may be a solution. It might not pay off immediately, but as the image of the friendly face of McDonald’s continues to make an impression, customers will give them another try.

Addressing their menu is likely still an issue. According to the text, there is great variety in fast food chains in the U. K. McDonald’s needs to stand out from the crowd. Becoming the healthy choice for fast food is something that would set them, or any fast food restaurant, apart from the rest. Providing healthy menu’s that are served fast could turn around their bad health reputation very quickly. In conclusion, McDonald’s U. K. has a come a long way, but still has a long way to go to begin to regain their customer base while retaining what they currently have.

Implementing healthier menus, customer service policies and trendier environments are all ways to bring in crowds and turn around their reputation. Actions like these take time but will be profitable in the end. Nature of McDonald’s: * Microenvironment * Industry * Market * Buyer Behaviour Analysis of McDonald’s organization Define the problems Identify and evaluate alternatives Recommend an alternative Develop a plan of action for implementation of the alternative Identification of problems: * Obvious problems * Broader problems * Consequent problems * Evidence to support the assessment of the problem Implementation strategies:

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Mcdonald's V Liebeck – Mcdonald's Coffee Case Essay Example

Mcdonald’s V Liebeck – Mcdonald’s Coffee Case Essay

Liebeck v – Mcdonald’s V Liebeck – Mcdonald’s Coffee Case Essay introduction. McDonald’s, also known as the McDonald’s Coffee Case, is a 1994 product liability lawsuit. This lawsuit became one of the most famous in the US history because after the court’s awarded Stella Liebeck $2. 9 million, after she was severely burned by the coffee she brought from McDonald, there were debates over tort reform in the US. Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old woman was in the passenger seat of her grandson’s car, while she ordered a coffee from McDonald’s. Liebeck’s nephew parked the car to allow his grandmother to add cream and sugar to her coffee.

When she placed the coffee cup between her knees and pulled the far side of the lid toward her in order to remove it, the entire cup of coffee was spilled on Liebeck’s lap. As she was wearing cotton sweatpants, the coffee was immediately absorbed and she was sitting in a hot liquid scalding her thighs, buttocks and groin for about 90 seconds. After, Liebeck was taken to the hospital for a medical checkup which confirmed that she had suffered full thickness (third-degree) burns on 6% of her skin and over 16% of lesser burns.

More Essay Examples on Burn Rubric

She remained in the hospital for eight says for skin grafting procedures and debridement treatments. After the incident, it took about two years in order to complete the treatment and eliminate the consequences of the accident. Liebeck sought to settle with McDonald’s for $20,000 to cover her actual and anticipated medical expenses, but instead the company offered only $800. So them, Liebeck retained attorney Reed Morgan. Morgan filed suit accusing McDonald’s of “gross negligence” for selling coffee that was “unreasonably dangerous” and “defectively manufactured. During the case, Liebeck’s attorney discovered that McDonald’s required franchises to serve coffee at 180 – 190°F which would cause a third-degree burn in two to seven second. He argued that coffee should never be served hotter than 140?F and that other establishments served coffee at a substantially lower temperature than McDonald’s. McDonald’s claimed that the reason for serving such hot coffee in its drive-through windows was that those who purchased the coffee typically were commuters who wanted to drive a distance with the coffee. The high initial temperature would keep the coffee hot during the trip.

However, this contradicts the company’s own research that showed customers actually intend to consume the coffee while driving. The decision of the jury was based on the principles of comparative negligence. McDonald’s was found guilty and responsible 80% for the coffee burn. Liebeck was found responsible 20% for the occurrence of the incident. Though there was a warning on the coffee cup, the jury decided that the warning was not large enough nor sufficient. They awarded Liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages, which was reduced to $160,000, and an additional $2. million in punitive damages, which was reduced to $480,000. The decision was appealed by both McDonald’s and Liebeck, and both parties settled out of court for an undisclosed amount less than $600,000. This lawsuit had impact on both the business world and the rules of the law. McDonald’s was forced to reexamine its policy. McDonald’s was aware of the risk and hazard, but undertook nothing to mitigate or reduce the risk of injury. The company knew about burn hazards and continued to serve coffee hot to save money and get away with cheaper grade coffee.

After reexamining their policy, McDonald’s has been serving coffee at a temperature low enough not to cause immediate third-degree burns. This case is an example of a product liability lawsuit that has become a flashpoint in debates in the US over tort reform. This was a frivolous lawsuit, but consumer safety is a priority. Also, we must curb excessive jury verdicts.

Works Cited:

http://www. lectlaw. com/files/cur78. htm

http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/2545263/liebeck_v_mcdonalds_restaurants_or. html

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Management Group Written Presentation Essay Example

Management Group Written Presentation Essay

Hungry Jacks (2000-2500 words) What does the term organizational environment mean? – Management Group Written Presentation Essay introduction?? How do you think each of the internal and external environments affect organization? Relate your answer to the small business entities being operated during class sessions. ( In the discussion we need to include a critical analysis skill ie explain influence or impact on organization ) Introduction: This report will show the different environmental aspects that affects my chosen organization’s operation.

Executive Summary/Abstract: Hungry Jacks forms as the Australian Fast Food Franchise of Burger King. It is a sole subordinate of Competitive Foods Australia which is owned by Jack Cowin. All the Burger King/ Hungry Jack’s restaurants that exist in Australia are owned and managed by this organization Hungry Jacks. This company is greatly known for licensing new operators, opening new stores and performing standards far better than the franchised locations in the country.

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Hungry Jacks is the second largest franchise of Burger King as over 300 locations exist across Australia. Introduction: This report will analyse the external and internal environmental factors that greatly impact the organization while studying the techniques undertaken that manage all relevant elements. The mega environment will compose of the economic, Political, Technological and Socio Cultural elements. The task environment will compose of consumers and clients, competitors, suppliers, labour supply and government agencies.

The internal environment will explain about the marketing intermediaries, physical distribution, leadership style and mission statement in Hungry Jack’s. Burger King Corporation’s first Australian franchise was established in Innaloo. Perth on 18 April 1971, under endorsement of Cowin’s new company Hungry Jack’s Pty, Limited. After 10 years, Hungry Jack’s expanded to 26 stores in three states. In October 1981, the company opened its first New South Wales store in Sydney’s CBD on the corner of Liverpool and George Street.

Table of Contents: 1. Mega Environment 2. 1 Economic 2. 2 Technological 2. 3 Political 2. 4 Socio Cultural 2. Task Environment 3. 5 Customers and Clients 3. 6 Competitors 3. 7 Suppliers 3. 8 Labor Supply 3. 9 Government Agencies 3. Internal Environment 4. 10 Marketing Intermediares 4. 11 Physical Distribution 4. 12 Leadership Style 4. 13 Mission Statement 4. Managing Environmental Elements 5. 14 Adaption 5. 15 Favourability 5. 16 Shifting Domains Conclusion- Recommendations

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Childhood and Working Adult Obesity Essay Example

Childhood and Working Adult Obesity Essay

Childhood and Working Adult Obesity Comm/155 Dr – Childhood and Working Adult Obesity Essay introduction. Jarmese Sherrod-Winsley Childhood and Working Adults Obesity What is the biggest business in the United States that helps us with our hectic daily schedules that the average person has to deal with and that is the fast food industry. Are they helping or hurting the people of the United States with nutrition and health issues the answer is no, childhood and working adult obesity is the number-one health problem among people, and it is closely linked to the nutrition of choice, fast food.

There are some main reasons behind the tremendous success of fast food giants and how they could proceed with their business but not having the concern of health and wellness in mind. For that I have selected to talk about two of the many fast-food restaurants such as Subway and Burger King. What is the difference between the two restaurants; how the menus and meals are not the choice for a typical family. The main problem facing Subway and Burger King are associated with cost vs. healthy choices for today’s children and working adult.

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Eating at fast food puts you at risk for health problems; of the two fast food restaurants mention how many are there in the world? There are approximately 459,490 (Rehman, 2011, p. 1) fast food restaurants. Out of these there are 33,749 Subway restaurants and 12,200 Burger King Restaurants in the United States; both restaurants have corporate and franchise stores and they both have a large amount of selection of food to include breakfast meals and kid’s meals. By selecting these two fast food restaurants in the United States let’s look at what health risks (Henshaw, 2012, p. 1) are associated with fast food.

Many people do not understand how a fast food restaurant can affect their health. Even though Subway uses baked breads and processed meats, while Burger King uses fried foods and greasy hamburgers; the majority of fast food items are packed with sodium, cholesterol, and contain little if any vitamins or fiber and other nutrients that the body needs to work at top performance. The average person ingests 77% (Harvard Health Publications, 2010, p. 1) of sodium from fast-food restaurants. For adults and children prone to diabetes and heart disease, poor choices made at fast food restaurants can compound these medical issues.

With the economy getting worse and the cost of medical going up, people are looking for cheaper options for meals every day; thus the choice of fast foods. With the discussion on Burger King and Subway the key question here are the two eating establishments really healthy; let’s compare them both below and see what you think. Burger King Triple Whopper with Cheese> Calories (pct. daily diet): 1180 (45%)> Saturated Fat: 30g> Carbohydrate (pct. daily diet): 52 (16%)> Sodium (pct. daily diet): 1330mg (58%)| Subway Footling Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki> Calories (pct. aily diet): 750 (28%)> Saturated Fat: 2. 5g> Carbohydrate (pct. daily diet): 117 (41%)> Sodium (pct. daily diet): 1810 mg (79%)| This information was taken from the “10 Most Unhealthy Fast-Food Items on America’s Menus” (Daily Finance, 2011, p. 1). The key take away from this is that both of these are really not healthy. What are the key factors when making comparisons between these two fast food selections; one is a greasy hamburger and the other a chicken sandwich. A key factor to take into consideration is age, health and physical activity.

Burger King’s hamburger will utilize the majority of an average adult’s caloric intake. Subway’s chicken sandwich has fewer calories than Burger King’s hamburger. Looking at the comparisons you will note that Subway’s meal is higher in sodium than Burger King. The same goes for the carbohydrates and notice that again Subway is higher in carbs than Burger Kings hamburger. Now which one is worse? You select the food of choice and enjoy. Children and fast foods were talked about in both of these restaurants. Burger King had its sights on customers between the ages of young children to teenagers of 16.

Why were these ages important to Burger King? These ages have the biggest impact on adult’s decisions when concerning quick and efficient meals. Burger King created a kids meal with a free toy. With the children experiencing their happy meals, their attention was to make the meals attractive to the adults. They came up with a slogan (a memorable Jingle) in the early days of the company it was “Have it your way”. Showing the customer that they could have a hamburger cooked any way they wanted gave the illusion the meal was fresh.

Burger King is not in the business of pre-making burgers like other fast food-companies, instead they use frozen meat patties. Subway views their establishment as a fast-food eatery without the greasy hamburgers, marketing their selection as a health-conscious restaurant. The difference between Subway and the other fast food restaurants is that they have a Doctors Associates they work with. Subway also has a marketing slogan as well “Eat Fresh. ” Yes they have a kid’s meal but they do not hand out toys; instead they have cookies and chocolate milk.

Subway also has meal combos like Burger King; however, Subways most popular commercialized size is a five-foot for only five-dollars. What are the pros and cons concerning healthy foods for all ages for the difference between Burger Kings vs. Subway? Looking at Burger King the pros are, they make the meals your way for a cheap price, and they are kid friendly. They provide entertainment for with an indoor play equipment while parents try to eat. The cons for Burger King is not all their food is healthy, with all the high sodium content in many of their food products it becomes a major factor in the obesity and health issues facing us today.

Subway’s pros, they have more fresh vegetable options to choose from and their food is not processed using deep fat fryers. Subway cons are that the foot long sandwiches are not as healthy as we found out; they have high amount of sodium and carbohydrates than Burger Kings hamburgers. As we can see obesity within childhood and working adult is the number-one health problem among people, and it is closely linked to the nutrition of choice, and fast food. You have seen the First Lady, Michelle Obama campaigns for the issues regarding children and adults about their obesity.

Now the season show of the Biggest Loser has joined in the battle of obesity and season 14 (Huff Post, 2012) will have teen contestants this year. With all this information we need to start reading labels and menus and understand what you are consuming. Before you make a selection at your next fast food restaurant be more nutrition consumer aware, and you will choice a healthier life style. Reference Rehman, Z. U. (2011, p. 1). Top 10 Largest Fast Fodd Chains in the World. Retrieved from http://www. amodmag. com/top-10-largest-fast-food-chains-in-the-world. php Henshaw, A. (2012, p. 1). Symptomfind.

Retrieved from http://www. symptomfind. com/nutrition-supplements/health-hazards-of-fast-food/ Daily Finance. (2011, p. 1). Daily Finance. Retrieved from http://www. dailyfinance. com/2011/06/15/the-10-most-unhealthy-fast-food-items-on-americas-menu/ Harvard Health Publications. (2010, p. 1). Harvard Health Publications. Retrieved from http://www. health. harvard. edu/newsletters/Harvard_Mens_Health_Watch/2010/November/salt-and-your-health-part-ii-shaking-the-habit Huff Post. (2012, p. 1). Retrieved from http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2012/09/05/the-biggest-loser-season-_n_1858756. html