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Berdians’kyi uprising – a Summary

Berdians’kyi uprising
(APR 1918) – the armed uprising
against the power of Bolsheviks in Berdyansk
in the spring of 1918.

The reason for the rebellion
was growing dissatisfaction
many inhabitants of Berdyansk policy
controlled by the CPSU (b) urban
Council, in particular the usurpation of power
the Bolsheviks, requisition food
and material assets (according to
The Brest peace, the city was supposed to be
occupied by German troops, and the Bolsheviks
sought to take or destroy
as much as possible before his departure).
The main political force performances
served as the Mensheviks, pushed
supporters of the CPSU (b) from rule city,
the main military force – “Berdyansk
the Union of crippled warriors” (veterans
The first world war) at the head of which
stood Colonel Bolanz and a non-commissioned officer
Panasenko. Planned in advance,
the revolt began on April 18. After
a short firefight participants “Union
maimed soldiers” and joined
him citizens disarmed or forced
to surrender supporters of the Soviet regime.
Members bolshevizing Berdyansk
Council (25 people) were placed
into custody. Power again was transferred
the former city Duma. However, one
of the most active Bolshevik city
Rudolph Tolmach, managed to avoid
arrest and access to a nearby
from city team “red” guerrillas in
led by Alexey Mokrousova. Squad
Mokrousov, which had a barge with
mounted two artillery
guns, made an attack on the city
however, after the shooting had
to depart. During this fight did not die
at least ten members of the “Union of lame
soldiers”, including the non-commissioned officer Panasenko
[1]. In addition, the city has undergone
artillery bombardment of the installed
the barge artillery. As
specifies the Berdyansk historian and ethnographer
Ivan Senchenko, destruction and casualties,
the resulting fire, much
changed attitude of the townspeople to
the arrested Bolsheviks. If
the authorities bowed to public court,
after the attack Mokrousov steel
louder sound demands immediate
execution. In addition, it became known
what is the coast of the Azov sea is moving
the white guard detachment of Colonel
Drozdovsky. Colonel Bolanz
telegraphed Drozdowski of the uprising
in the city and urged him to move to
Berdyansk soon [2]. After
as drozdovtsy occupied the city (without a fight,
the consent of the city authorities). As noted
in the diary of M. G. drozdowski

“Mutual relations:
The Executive Committee and prominent figures
people with disabilities with us in friendship, help
all. The city still leads the dual policy,
wanting to save the arrested Commissars,
disabled people insist on their punishment.”

In the end, the part of the members
Union maimed soldiers” (which drozdowski
according to the adopted in the beginning of XX century
the terminology called “disabled”)
joined his detachment, which
had planned to move further to the don,
the arrested Bolsheviks, it was decided
shoot. Some of them fled
out of jail earlier with the help of the Menshevik
Kisilenko. The two decided to spare,
because they previously prevented
the massacre of the officers in Berdyansk RAID.
19 people were shot in the village Kuzoe,
on the day of departure drozdovtsev from Berdyansk –
On 24 April 1918. A day in the city was
occupied by the Austrians.


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