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Benefits Of Adoption Over Abortion Essay Example

Benefits Of Adoption Over Abortion Essay – Part 2

In this day and age, families come in all shapes and sizes – Benefits Of Adoption Over Abortion Essay introduction. Some families are complete In the traditional way; a mom, dad, golden retriever and 2 kids. Other families are complete In an alternate sense of the word; one parent In the home, two parents in different homes or children being raised by other family members. However, more and more families are same sex parents, adding another side to the idea of the family unit. Adoption by homosexual couples is controversial, and it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages as well.

I feel that homosexuals who adopt can be Just as loving and nurturing as a traditional family adoption. Studies show that same sex parents are more stable than heterosexual parents; and according to Frederick Hertz, are more likely to stay together. A stable house is ideal for an adopted child. Children, who are raised in homes with two dads or two moms, are unlikely to be homophobic. When you grow up in that type of environment the child Is more open to different views and beliefs. In a perfect world we would have no sin; however we eve In a very fallen, sinful world.

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There are choices and consequences that find ourselves dealing with in this time. More often than not, you see people conforming to the ways of the world and homosexuality is no exception. It is so accepted today and so wide spread that homosexual adoption was bound to become an issue to discuss. With the number of homosexual’s increasing and the desire for them to offer their heart and homes to an abandoned child, this option seems viable. Love should win out when a child Is Involved. Not politics or public opinion but love.

Even though gay marriage isn’t favored in religious views, if that family is going to love that child, I feel that it is better for them to adopt than to be in Foster Care. Is homosexuality the godly way to live? No it isn’t, but we find ourselves living in darkness in 2012 and if we can find some love, stability and support for a precious child, I say give it to them. The foster care system should be ashamed of the service or lack of services they provide for these precious gifts, the babies and children tossed from family to family, from situation to situation.

Some good, bad and inwrought scary, what choices do we have? Stop an unconventional family from providing love or making the best of a bad situation and open our eyes and hearts to a new idea. As children grow up, they face many problems. Some require a mother’s touch and some require a sturdy yet loving hand of a father. But what If there are two moms or two dads? According to The First Post’s list of pros and cons of gay adoption, “Boys without fathers under-achieve, especially since there are now fewer male teachers in primary schools. When children are adopted by two homosexual parents, they are arced to find role models of the gender they are lacking in other areas, like relatives or friends. Raised in a homosexual household have the potential of teasing and bullying in their schools. Other kids may outcast them and make fun of them for their different family lifestyle. Children who are adopted by homosexual couples will have to deal with cruel classmates, only adding to the struggle of their everyday life. As written in the Bible, Leviticus 18:22 “Homosexual acts are an abomination to God”. So why should we let the children grow up with it?

In the Bible it also implies that marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman. We don’t want children thinking that it is o. K. For a man to marry another man, or women to marry each other. In 1st Corinthians 6:9-10, Paul lists ten things that will keep you out of heaven, Inch includes homosexuality and being effeminate. Many conservative Christians believe that homosexuality is sinful, and gay people often face various kinds of discrimination. Their children might face similar issues. Homosexuality is a very controversial topic alone, but homosexual adoption is even more biased.

We need to focus on the children that need a loving family. Not only on what the family unit looks like. The best situation is not available for us, that every Oman that is given the miracle of childbirth would love and cherish that child forever. However this has never been the case, so these unwanted children are abandoned and forgot. They wait and wait for a family, some get chosen others continue to wait. If we can in anyway shorten the wait, let us do it. Let us give love Never possible.

Gay Adoption Essay – Part 2

Should gay couple adopt children? – Gay Adoption Essay introduction?? Are gay couples capable of raising children with as much devotion as a normal couple? The answer is certainly a “No! ”. Adoption of children by homosexual couples is a very controversial topic. National Adoption week in the United Kingdom in October 2000 saw a drive to encourage gay couples to adopt, in order to find homes for thousands of orphan children. At present, many democratic countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden,and Iceland have regarded gay adoption as an important area of gay rights.

However, I believe that gay couples should not adopt children, as children of gay couples will be confused about their own sexual identity, will be raised in a promiscuous environment,and will fail to understand traditional values. First of all, gay couples are abnormal, which will create an uncertainty for the children. Research in the US (Univ. of Illinois Law Review, 1997) finds that children raised in homosexual households are significantly more likely to question their sexuality. In addition, a child’s primary role models are his or her parents.

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Raising a heterosexual child in a gay household gives the a distorted view of minority sexuality, just as a girl brought up by two men would fail to benefit from a feminine influence or a boy would fail to benefit from masculinity if he is raised alongside only girls. Usually, children from gay families are discriminated against in a society and are bullied. This can have immense effect in their psychological development. They will be discouraged,and will feel inferior, frustrated, depressed and will be unable to face the challenge of this fast running orld. The upbringing of children by gay couple is immoral. To legally allow adoption by gay couples is to encourage what is an unnatural upbringing.

Gay adoption has deep implications because it forces a radical redefinition of marriage and family. Research shows that the Annual Report on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,and Transgender Domestic Violence highlights the occurrence of domestic violence in the homosexual community, perhaps as much as a 33% rate. Heterosexual adoption has a domestic violence rate around 1%. Such iolence will change the child’s perspective of goodand bad things, for the worse So, the child will be raised in an immoral environment. Another thing that the children of gay couples will fail to understand is their tradition. Many religions and cultural practices term homosexuality as a crime, a sin. A neighborhood with such an environment will pile up discrimination and pressure on the gay parents and the children. Hence, gay couples will stay away from religious practice sand shun social events in order to escape discrimination.

Speaking of the experience of my close friend, who had gay parents, he never really had a chance to go to churches. He was unable to socialize well,and he ended up being completely blind to religious practices. My friend also became a homeosexual when he was in high school, i remember other students would make fun of him and call him names. He told me that he was at his breaking point and wanted to sommit sucicide. I feel that root of his problem is because he didnt grow up with a mother and a father but with two male couples, this was the root of his problems.

In the end the children of gay parents will not have any knowledge of cultural and social practices. Some gay parents might have a religous background but most of them do not. Children with not be able to understand themselves or any type of religious practice. Summing it up, adoption by gay couple is morally wrong,and children are more likely to change gay themselves. It will confuse the children’s sexuality, will provide an immoral environment for growth,and will prevent the child from social practices. Therefore, I strongly feel that gay couples should not adopt children.