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Belyaev, Sergei Vasilievich actor – Abstract


Belyaev (b. 1960) — Soviet and Russian
film and theater actor, Honored artist
Russia (1997)[1].


Sergey Belyaev born
On March 17, 1960. One of the founders
Tabakov, who joined the troupe in
September 1986 immediately after
GITIS (course of O. Tabakov).


Theatrical career
started as a stagehand in a Small theatre.
There he was noticed. Entered the Schepkin
school, and two years later transferred to

More than twenty
years of service in the Theater Tabakov Sergey
played multiple roles — large and
small. Each of them is different
its special charm, each

Especially for Sergey
important to audience reaction. “If I
he staged a play, ” he says,”
the problem would be one viewer here
have a good laugh, and here to cry
they are both sincere, and leave with
something new, warm the soul”. “If
the viewer goes on my eyes… it
terrible… However, I don’t blame —
it means we are guilty of something, if he

In 1989, Sergei was
the winner of the “Song of the year” for writing
their song “Fun” on the verses of Sergey
Yesenin became popular in the performance
Alexander Malinin.

Now in the Theater O
Tabakov engaged in performances “Uncle Vanya”
A. P. Chekhov (Telegin), “Idiot”
F. M. Dostoevsky (Lebedev),
“Art” by Y. Reza (Ivan), “the passion of
The Bumbarash” By Y. Kim (Gabriel).

In the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov
plays in performances “№ 13” by R. Cooney
(Manager), “Chunk” by guy de Maupassant
(Folani), “the humpbacked Horse” brothers
Presnyakovym on the fairy tale by P. Ershov

Oleg Tabakov about Sergey
Belyayeva: “Sergey of old-timers. In
our basement it has occupied a solid
place. His master, anxious
attitude to the role. He is one of those actors
who are willing to pay for the privilege
play. Sergey is a true and infallible
colleague: many times rescued and rescues
theatre. He writes music and how everything
he does, he does it without arrogance
neophyte. In our lives, where everything has undergone
inflation, it hard on yourself. And it is today
the most important thing”.


Theater roles

  • “Chair”
    A. Marina Yu. Polyakov — Drowsy

  • The “hole”
    A. Galina — Necessary

  • “Crazy
    Jourdain” by M. A. Bulgakov — the master
    music and dance

  • “Roof”
    A. Galina — Savok

  • “The lark”
    Jean Anouilh — Cochon

  • “Castruccio”
    A. Volodin — Sleepy

  • “Overstocked
    packaging barrels” V. Aksyonov — the Boatswain

  • “Sailor
    silence” Aleksandra Galicha — Mitya

  • “Ordinary
    story” by V. Rozov on I. Goncharov —

  • “Star
    hour by local time” G. Nikolayev —

  • “The inspector General”
    N. Gogol — Strawberry

  • Jokes
    after F. M. Dostoyevsky and A. Vampilov —

  • “Deadly
    room” by O. Antonov — Thick

  • “Last”
    Bitter — Bream

  • the bottom” by M. Gorky — Medvedev

  • “Long
    Christmas dinner” by Thornton Wilder —
    Cousin Brandon

  • “The resurrection.
    Super” by Presnyakov brothers-severe combined
    L. N. Tolstoy — The Prince Korchagin

  • “The city”
    E. Grishkovets — The Hero

  • ANS
    Bundren (“as I lay dying” W. Faulkner)

  • Antonio
    Jose Kukuk (“confessions of the adventurer
    Felix Krool” T. Mann)

  • “Marriage”
    N. Gogol – Scrambled Eggs

  • “The Pickwick club”
    Charles Dickens ( in Moscow art theatre. Chekhov) –
    Mr. Wardle


  • Full

  • Backup instinct

  • 2004 —
    Evlampiya Romanova. The investigation leads
    Amateur 2 — Mitrofanov(series
    “The Viper in syrup”)

  • 2005 —
    Paris love Bones Gumankova —

  • 2006 —
    The color of the sky — Alex

  • 2007 —

  • 2007 —
    May — The Battalion Commander Rukavishnikov

  • 2007 —
    Railroad — Father

  • 2008 —
    Heartbreakers — Anatoly (“brother”
    John, husband of Tamara)

  • 2008 —
    Radio day

  • 2008 —
    Girl is Lena’s father

  • 2009 —
    Sniper. Weapon of retribution — Osipov

  • 2009 —
    The Little Humpbacked Horse — Tsar

  • 2009 —
    High security vacation — Protsenko

  • 2009 — Zhurov —
    Sysoev, Oleg Pavlovich

Recognition and awards

  • Honored
    artist of the Russian Federation (30 may 1997

  • Winner Of The “Song
    of the year” (for the song “Fun” on the verses of Sergey


  1. The Decree Of The President
    Of the Russian Federation from may 30, 1997
    No. 539 “About rewarding with the state
    awards of the Russian Federation”