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Belyaev, Mikhail A. – Abstract


Michael A.
Belyaev (December 23, 1863 (4 Jan
1864)(18640104), St. Petersburg — 1918,
Petrograd) — Russian General,
statesman, last
the Minister of war of the Russian Empire.


Born in the family of General
Alexei Mikhailovich Belyaev (1831-1885).

Noble family of Belyaeva
gave a lot of military. In particular, cousins
brothers M. A. Belyaeva — worker
white movement Ivan Timofeevich
Belyaev[1] member of the First world
war and scientist-Metallurgist Nikolay
T. Belyaev[2]party
the Russo-Japanese war, General Mikhail
N. Belyaev.[3] in addition,
cousin Mary is the second
wife of Alexander Lvovich Block and
accordingly, the stepmother of the poet Alexander


He studied at the 3rd St. Petersburg
school. In 1885 he graduated from the Mikhailovsky
artillery school. Released
the Lieutenant (V. 11.08.1886) 29th artillery
brigade. Later he was transferred to the life guards
The 2nd artillery brigade of the same rank
and seniority. The Lieutenant (V. 11.08.1890). In
1893 graduated from the Nicholas Academy
The General staff in the first category.
The captain of the guard (V. 20.05.1893). 26
November 1893 — a senior aide of staff
The 24th infantry division. 15 Jan 1897 —
chief officer for special assignments in
the headquarters of the 18th army corps. From 8 December
1897 — The Chief Clerk Of The Chief Of Staff.
Colonel (V. 05.04.1898). From 1 December
1898 Junior clerk
the office of the military Committee
The Chief Of Staff. From 17 April 1901, Sr.
clerk. Colonel (art.
14.04.1902). From 11 may to 9 Oct 1902 —
he commanded a battalion the life guards
Izmailovsky regiment. May 1, 1903 —
the head of the office of the Chief of staff.

The Russo-Japanese war

The participant Russian-Japanese
war, 1904-1905. 20 Feb 1904 —
staff officer for special assignments in
the head of the field headquarters of the Viceroy
in the far East, General Zhilinsky.
Since November 30, 1904 — I. D. of head
the office of field staff of the 1st Manchurian
army. 13 Aug 1905 — head
the office of the Commander in chief of staff
in the far East . For military distinction
awarded the Golden arms (1907).

On December 5, 1906 —
the head of the office of the Chief of Staff.
Major-General (article 13.04.1908). General-quartermaster
The chief of Staff (17 March 1909). Head
Department for device and service troops
GUGSH (31 Dec 1910) at the same time 20
March 1909 was a regular member
The chief serf Committee.
Lieutenant-General (D. 06.12.1912; art.

The first world war

After conducting
mobilization 01.08.1914 assigned to the I. D. of the head
General staff (appointed by
02.04.1916). General of infantry (06.12.1914;
article 26.03.1920). 23 Jun 1915 was the same time
assistant of the Minister of war
A. A. Polivanov. From 2 April 1916
the acting chief of the General staff.
10 Aug 1916 removed from the post of chief
Of the General staff and appointed a member of the Military
of the Council and the representative of the Russian
the command in Chief of the Romanian
apartment. From January 3, 1917 the Minister of war.

After the revolution

Arrested March 1, 1917
during the February revolution. Was
imprisoned in the Peter and Paul fortress.
Soon released. By order of the
The interim government from 1 July 1917
he was arrested again. Questioned Emergency
the investigating Commission of the Provisional
the government unsuccessfully tried
blame Belyaeva abuse.
After the October revolution liberated.
Participation in social activities
I did not take. In 1918 arrested by the Cheka
and shot.


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