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Belsky, Fyodor – Abstract


Bielsko — Prince, Junior fourth
son of Ivan Ivanovich Belsky. Subject
The Lithuanian Grand Duke in 1482
entered the service of the Grand Duke
Moscow Ivan III.

To the side of Ivan III

Owned by the town of White
near Smolensk. In 1481[1]together
with the princes Golshansky and Olelkovich
made a conspiracy to murder
Grand Duke of Lithuania Casimir IV.
The plot was discovered and comrades Fedora
executed, but he managed to escape. In this case
his wife had to remain in Lithuania.
Prince Fyodor was readily adopted by Ivan
III. He got possession of the lot in
The Novgorod land is the city of the Demon (now demjansk)
Haze and villages. The wife of Prince Fyodor
then held by the Lithuanian princes,
Russian Tsar repeatedly raised
a question about the results, but the Lithuanian side
answered, that she wants to move off not.
In 1485 the Duke Fedor participated in the campaign
Ivan III of Tver, in which
Tver Principality lost

Opal and rehabilitation

In 1493, was
subjected to disgrace, by reason of suspicion
in the plot. Prince Ivan Lukomski, also
a defector from the Lithuanian side was
arrested on charges of trying to poison
Ivan III. During interrogations, he revealed that
F. I. Belsky was going to run in
Lithuania, maybe it was slander. Prince
Theodore was sent to prison in Galich.
In 1497, he was released and allocated
new destiny in the Volga region: Luh, Vichuga,
Kineshma, Chikhachev, which a lot of Bielsko
owned until 1571. In 1498 Ivan III
after unsuccessful attempts of extradition from Lithuania
wife, with the approval of the Church given for Fedor
Ivanovich, his niece (daughter of sister
Anna Vasilyevna, Princess of Ryazan),
also Anna Vasilievna, the wedding took place
in Ryazan.

The campaign to Kazan

In March 1499
F. I. Belsky was one of four
Governor, nominated by the troops of Ivan III
help Kazan Khan Abdul latheef.
Besides him participated in the campaign Governor:
Prince semen Romanovich Yaroslavsky, Yury
Saharic and Prince D. V. Schenya. Hike
passed without hostilities, as
the nomination of Russian ratification scared
opponents of the Kazan Khan.

Participation in the Russian-Lithuanian war

Brother Theodore Simon
Ivanovich Belsky also went to
the side of Ivan III in the year 1500, but not “moved”,
and moved together with the possessions that were
the first reason for the Russo-Lithuanian war
1500-1503 years. In 1502 Prince Fedor
he participated in the campaign of the Russian army in
Smolensk, as the second Governor
after the young king’s son Dmitry
Ivanovich Veins. The Siege Of Smolensk
ended unsuccessfully. Many of the participants
the campaign showed the self-will, doing
instead of sieges plunder and border lands.
Here is evidence that
return to Moscow, many were punished

Kazan campaign in 1506

The last mention
about Prince Feodor found in 1506,
when the enthroned Prince Vasily III
launched a major campaign against Kazan
against Khan Mohammed-Amin. Prince Fedor
again was under the command
Dmitry Veins. The campaign ended in complete
the defeat of the Russian armies of Prince Fyodor
managed to escape.


The sons of Prince Feodor
played a significant role in the life of Russia
XVI century:

  • Dmitry
    F. Bielsko — eminent

  • Ivan
    F. Bielsko — Advisor Ivan

  • Semyon Fyodorovich
    Bielski fled to the Grand Duchy
    Lithuanian, participated in the wars against


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