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Belogradskaya, Gregory G. – Abstract

(1772-1851) — General
of infantry, a member of the Governor-auditoriat.

Was born in 1772 in
Poltava, came from the nobility of Poltava
province. January 5, 1790, on the seventeenth
year of life, the Belogradchik stronghold is finished
the course of science in Shklov
the cadet corps and entered the military
his service as a second Lieutenant in Ekaterinoslav
cuirassier regiment, which took place
her to the rank of Colonel. Participated in
the Russo-Turkish war of 1787-1792 years and
the Polish campaign of 1794.

In 1801 on the petition
dismissed from the service. From 1805 to 1810 he served
in the Commissariat Department in Dubna
and Finland. 15 Sep 1811 returned
for military service, was appointed in
the life guards Preobrazhensky regiment and
including in it, was appointed Director
hospitals in the army, 26
October 1811, promoted to Colonel.
During the Patriotic war of 1812 and
Foreign campaigns of 1813 and 1814
Belogradskaya was in charge of the hospital
services of all existing armies.

5 APR 1814
promoted to major General, November 3,
1828 he was appointed Chairman of the field
auditoriat of the 1st army, 14 April 1829
he received the rank of Lieutenant-General, June 3
In 1835 he occupied the position of member
General-auditoriat Military Ministry
17 March 1845 promoted to General
of infantry.

The highest order
from 10 Feb 1849 Belogradskaya
dismissed from service, then, pursuant
The highest commandment, is contained in
the decree of the Holy Synod dated February 17,
the same year, placed in Konevetsky
the monastery “to repent.” There Belogradskaya
died February 9, 1851 and was buried. Reasons
caused the termination of the career
Belogradskaya and imprisonment in a monastery,
remain outstanding, in the literature
only mentions a certain “reprehensible

Belogradskaya was
knight of the order of St .. George 4-th degree,
granted to him on 26 November 1823 in
blameless 25 years seniority in the officer
rank (no. 3696 at the cavalier list
Grigorovich—Stepanova). Among other
awards had Russian order of the White
Eagle, St. Anna 1-th degree with the Imperial
crown, St. Vladimir 2 nd degree, and
also some foreign: “Pour le
Mérite” (Prussia) and the Legion of honor

The Belogradchik stronghold is known
as one of the major military charities.
Closely watching in hospital scene
the suffering and death of officers and seeing how
heroes-fathers in agony
called in absentia blessed away
abandoned children, he, although he never
having children, grieved with all my heart. For
orphans, children, staff and Ober-officers,
at last will Belogradskaya,
he left St. Petersburg on
the spiritual Testament of house should be
a refuge. Much time has passed,
however, while the will of the testator after
considerable trouble, owing to a judicial
red tape have been implemented. Only
the end of 1890-ies began to function
conceived Belogradskaya shelter.

17 Nov 1893
The St. Petersburg city Duma
approved instructions
which in the Orphan house for the name
Belogradskaya children of officers,
orphans, boys and girls
older than 10 years. Here they get
initial education. Then
the government seeks admission of children to
housing, school, institutions and other
educational institutions at public expense.
Children who completed the preparatory
education and received incoming
in the middle schools, continue
to live prior to its release in the Orphanage.

At the end of 1894
bequeathed Belogradskaya amounts were
given the prominence (150 thousand rubles),
a house on Bell street was adapted
for a shelter. However, orphans
officer rank for a long time have not received
in the shelter, despite the publication, the ad
in circero the Chief of staff and notification
about the Committee for the wounded, red and
White cross, and a shelter was a
time empty. The city Council assumed
have to apply for a change of desire
of the testator in favor of the children of “officials”.
By April, 1897, showed only 4
children who fit the conditions for admission to
shelter, but a small number of candidates
it has been difficult for the Commission to open a shelter.
New applications have been received, and
Saint Petersburg city Duma
decided to apply for permission
urban governance arranged on
means Belogradskaya orphanage,
in the absence of candidates of the round
orphans, take of the aged, children, staff
and chief officers, meets other
the reception conditions. The question remained
open until October 1899, when
the shelter with a staff of 30 people all places
was busy orphans. This
by the way, it took almost 50 years to
the will of the donor was carried out.


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