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Tanglewood Case Essay Example

Tanglewood Case Essay

Reviewing the Tanglewoods staffing practices I have found that there is little disparity involved at the entry levels – Tanglewood Case Essay introduction. Furthermore, it is shown that of all applicants applying for all job positions had very minute disparity in the company’s hiring characteristics. Each of the three groups (white, non-white, and African American) had a selection rate of 21%. With the statistical evidence of Tanglewoods staffing practices, there is no evidence to show that the company’s hiring practices point to disparate impact discrimination using the 4/5th ratio.

However, the statistical evidence does point to disparate impact discrimination once you take the number of hires beyond the entry level position. The first notable statistical evidence points towards the company’s preference to hire within its own organization. The selection rates of those applying for positions that are currently employed by the company’s doubles in selection rate for those applying from outside the organization. This evidence in itself is in line with fair hiring practices as the selection rate within tolerable differences.

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However, the selection rate of African Americans beyond the level of shift leader is unacceptable. Of the 81 African American applicants for upper management positions, only seven were hired. However, the disparity of minority hires as a whole is actually closely equal to those of the majority group (whites). Tanglewood has shown a significant bias to promote within its own organization. The preference to hire within its own organization is a permissible practice but must use caution to ensure it is not used as an exclusive qualification for employment in upper management positions.

The company will need ensure that each employee within the organization, regardless of race, be afforded the same opportunities of the majority group. Establishing a set evaluation program will ensure this happens. Eliminating the use of references from within its current upper management employees will help this trend balance out. The company has explicitly stated that is prefers to hire within. This has been in line with the company’s mission statement from inception. However, the company will need to ensure that opportunities exist for each employee to work its way up the leadership ladder.

Some programs or practices to consider would be to establish a set guideline that would exhibit the “benchmarks” required for upper level management consideration. Opportunities to achieve benchmarks, if set, will need to be closely monitored and ensure favoritism is not being practiced. In the military, your evaluation report is in line with each Soldier, regardless of race. This practice ensures that each Soldier be evaluated on the same principles. Then, when promotion opportunities are available, each evaluation is graded on a scale of one to five. The selection committee does not even consider a soldiers race when promoting a Soldier.


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