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Berkowitz, David – Abstract


David Berkowitz
(eng. David Richard Berkowitz; present
name — Richard David Falco (Richard David
; b. June 1, 1953, Brooklyn, new York,
USA), also known as Son of Sam) —
American serial killer.


David Berkowitz was born
June 1, 1953 in Brooklyn. He was born in
a result of betrayal 19-year-old Betty Broder
my husband is Italian American
Tony Falco with a married man Joseph
By Kleinman , who gave her the condition
for further meetings — to get rid of
from the child. David was the adopted son
infertile couples Nathan and pearl Berkowitz.

Grew up in the situation
warmth and understanding. In school he was
communicative, fine, studied, played
basketball. However, I couldn’t have one close
relationships with the opposite sex. With
childhood, he began to suffer from Pyromania:
burned in new York, more than 200 garbage
dumps and vacant buildings. Masturbated
at the same time. All arson he wrote in

When David was 14
years old, his adopted mother, pearl Berkowitz
died of cancer. For David this was
heavy tragedy. In 1969, he with his stepfather
moved to another area of new York
Bronx. There Nathan Berkowitz married
for the second time. Did not like David.

In June 1971, he
enlisted in the army. But, contrary to the desire
it is not sent to Vietnam, and in Korea.
David lost her virginity and contracted
gonorrhea, and tried drugs
and moved from Judaism to Christianity
which is even preached.

After 3 years, in 1974
year David returned to the stepfather-to the Jew,
condemned him for his rejection of Judaism.
Soon David started his own
life. He decided to track down his real
parents inquired in the official
box and found my birth mother who lived in
Long Island. Both at the first meeting
swept turbulent emotions and soon
David became a frequent guest of his mother, and
also my sister in Roslyn with her family.
Since February 1974, David lived in new Rochelle,
where moved out after 2 months and moved
in neighboring new York town of Yonkers,
where he lived on Pine street and
got a job in new York
the postal office.


July 29, 1976, he
pistol shot accidentally two
met girls — 18-year-old Dunn
The Lauria and her 19-year-old girlfriend jodie
Valente, who was sitting in the car. Dunn
was killed, and Jody survive.


31 Jul 1977 he
made his latest (sixth
account of) murder. In addition to the result
his actions were seriously injured 7 people.
The same day he was arrested.

Berkowitz around
admitted, but insisted that his
murder “ordered” neighbor Sam Carr with
using telepathy. However, it has been proven
that’s not true.

The sentence

Court he was sentenced
to 365 years in prison.

10 Jul 1979 in prison
in Berkovitsa was attacked by an inmate with a razor
and hurt it, the doctor put maniac 56
seams. Berkowitz said this
way priests are trying
to shut him up. Later on
the press conference, he admitted that
lied about Satan, and that killed it for
sexual complexes.

In 1987 Berkowitz
became the newly converted Christian. At
his personal testimony, his return
to the faith occurred after reading Psalm
34:6 from a Pocket Bible of Gideon, the
he cellmate[1].

In popular culture

In the movie

  • In addition to books,
    the history of David Berkowitz shot
    feature films “Bloody summer
    Sam” and “Out of darkness”.


  1. Official page
    The Son Of Sam